Malcolm Graham-Wood Oil & Gas Stock Bucket List 2021 – Video & Top 20 List

I am just finishing the results of the December 2020 Bucket List for this year, there should be a few surprises given the background. I’m not planning many changes but the updated list for next year is below

The 2021 Bucket List
It is a year since I ran the new Bucket List after the traumas of 2020 and included some changes. This is the order they have come out in and I have a few comments below. The 2022 List will be out in the next day or two but will likely not have many changes as it hasnt been quite such a year. An interview with Flagstaff accompanies the list.

Flagstaff TV: Malcolm’s Stock Bucket List 2021

1 Zephyr Energy +911.4%

2 Kistos +300.1%

3 IOG +268.3%

4 Serica +253.3%

5 PetroTal Corp +202.3%

6 Predator oil & Gas +72.1%

7 President Energy +62.7%

8 Jadestone Energy +50.5%

9 Wentworth Resources* +36.2%

10 Jersey Oil & Gas +16.2%

11 Diversified Energy Company* +3.68%

12 Genel Energy* -0%

13 Touchstone Exploration -5.1%

14 Chariot -8.0%

15 Longboat Energy -13.9%

16 Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas -15.4%

17)Scirocco Energy -18.6%

18 Union Jack Oil -47.0%

19 BPC/ Challenger Energy Group -65.8%

So, 11 up, 7 down and 2 suspended…..I would expect both of them to come back higher, maybe a lot higher.

Savannah Energy and San Leon are currently suspended, they will be added as soon as they are requoted.

Yield stocks have had dividends added back to ensure total return.

Here are the prices and categories, apologies for rounding errors etc.

UK Stocks

Jersey Oil & Gas 117.0p 136.0p +16.2%

Serica Energy 99.69p 252.5p +253.3%

IOG 12.0p 32.2p + 268.3%

UJO 28.0p 14.84p – 47.0%


Jadestone Energy 55.8p 84.0p +50.5%

PetroTal Corp 10.75p 21.75p +202.3%

Touchstone Exploration 120.0p 113.5p -5.1%

Savannah Energy 7.4p Suspended

President Energy 1.46p 2.375p +62.7%

Predator Oil & Gas 3.4p 5.85p +72.1%

Scirocco Energy 1.02p 0.83p -18.6%

Chariot 8.23p 7.57p -8.0%


Diversified Oil & Gas 111.6p 115.7p +3.68%

Genel Energy 137.23p 136.9p 0.0%

Wentworth Resources 18.0p 24.52p +36.2%

San Leon Energy 22.25p Suspended

NB Dividend stocks have taken between 7-12% of yield.

High Beta

Kistos 131.4p 395.0p +300.1%

Longboat Energy 76.0p 65.4p -13.9%

Zephyr Energy 0.79p 7.20p +911.4%

BPC/Challenger Energy Group 1.9p 0.65p -65.8%

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas 21.75p 18.38p – 15.4%

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