FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up 21st Oct 2018

Trello’s product lead on the unique ramp to a 10-person product team
Nikita Miller was the fourth product manager at project management platform Trello and in this piece, she reveals the key strategies her team used in scaling from 4 to 10 people during the platform’s early days.Here’s how to launch your own “tiny conference” – and why they’re an asset
A tiny conference is essentially a purposeful vacation to relax and reconnect with fellow founders to brainstorm, strategize, and work on solutions to specific business roadblocks and challenges.

Why Seed scaled, and the lessons learned from its rise
In this article, Bryce Roberts shares the key ingredients for success that helped his VC fund (Seed VC) scale to executing millions of dollars in funding rounds.  There are also some great insights on performance metrics, and how to value prospective investments.

These are some key product learnings from Shopify’s engineering team
This is a great piece by Shopify’s engineering team on how they came together as one team to build an amazing product.  From localization to translation platforms, this is packed with useful insights for makers.Softbank is giving startups billions of reasons to hold off on their IPOs
After making an offer to take a majority stake in WeWork in the billions of dollars, Softbank’s investment fund is making it clear to startups around the world that an IPO or acquisition isn’t necessarily the only path to an exit.

International growth (primarily in China) is what’s fueling today’s VC market
When it comes to startup funding, SIlicon Valley is no longer the center of the world.  Internationally-driven VC funding rounds have been increasing, and the  US’s share of the global VC market has actually been decreasing in recent years.

Here’s how to spot and build for opportunities in nonobvious markets
Sometimes, the best opportunities for would-be founders are hiding in the least apparent places.  These “nonobvious markets” offer the best conditions for achieving hyper growth, and there’s a tried and tested method for finding them.

From a basic open-source tool to $1M in annual revenue – here’s how one founder did it
Sidekiq started out as an open-source tool for Ruby programming, but its founder quickly built it into a million-dollar business through a combination of a high-quality MVP, a streamlined tech stack, and rapid iteration.

Did Uber steal Google’s intellectual property?
In a lawsuit that’s still winding its way through US courts, Google is alleging that Uber stole key parts of its self-driving car technology in a big to get ahead.  Here’s the inside story of how the theft allegedly happened.Building a great startup requires more than just genius and a clever invention
In today’s day and age, talent and productivity and having a network effect are often critical to building a successful startup.  Offering an end-to-end package helps as well – especially if your comprehensive solutions is worth more than the sum of its parts.


Meet TinySeed, the first startup accelerator designed for bootstrappers

Palantir is reportedly looking to go public at a $41B valuation

These are some great (and free) sales forecasting templates for startups

Zomato has just raised $210M in funding from Alipay

Here are the top business books recommended by more than 600 founders

Softbank is reconsidering raising another Vision Fund after turmoil in Saudi Arabia

Uber is now testing a new “on-demand labor” service called Uber Works

Major Facebook investors allegedly want Mark Zuckerberg out as chairman

Apple has just announced new data transparency tools to give users more control over their dataTastemade has just raised $35M in a new funding round led by Goldman Sachs

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