Aleksandra Binkowska Founder & CEO at Hydrogen Utopia International Interview

On Wednesday Hydrogen Utopia International PLC (AQSE:HUI/OTCQB:HUIPF) announced that its first American investor roadshow will start on Monday, 22nd of August and last a week.

Share Talk has been in contact with Aleksandra before leaving the UK and we finally caught up with her today from New York as she prepares for the company roadshow this week.

Here is the question covered:

  • Aleksandra, please give an overview of yourself and Hydrogen Utopia.
  • In a nutshell, what is plastics to hydrogen technology?
  • You are speaking from New York – why have you timed your trip to the US now?
  • Specifically, how do you think the new ‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 initiated by Biden will affect the growth of the hydrogen economy in the US?
  • Why is the US an interesting market for HUI?
  • You have recently entered the US-based OTCQB stock market to make shares in HUI available in dollars, why did you decide to do this?
  • Describe how HUI technology is unique and what should attract investors?
  • You state that ‘HUI’s technology is the perfect solution for eliminating waste plastic’. Can you elaborate?
  • You state that your plastics to hydrogen process can help mitigate against and slow climate change. Can you describe how?
  • What other technologies and companies are there in your sector, and how is yours a standout technology?
  • Describe the current projects you have in the pipeline.
  • Describe your existing technical partners.
  • Describe your team of experts in the arena.
  • What is your meetings programme for the coming week?
  • What are your key personal motivators for being an ambassador of the Hydrogen Economy?

On July 26th, 2022 HUI’s ordinary shares started trading on the OTCQB Venture Market, which has allowed the Company to access one of the world’s largest investment markets. A series of meetings with potential retail and institutional investors will be held mainly in New York State, Atlanta and the state of Florida.

HUI’s predominant goal during this investor roadshow is to promote and increase awareness of HUI’s technology as the perfect solution for eliminating waste plastic. The Company’s ultimate ambition is to open a string of hubs on US territory converting non-recyclable and end-of-life plastics to hydrogen in conjunction with reputable partners who can help roll out HUI systems internationally.

Aleksandra Binkowska CEO of HUI, commented:

“I am delighted and excited to be embarking on a trip to explore possibilities for Hydrogen Utopia in the States, starting with the East Coast. I want to engage with private and institutional investors to present the opportunity, our technology and its implications for the clean energy market and North American continent as a whole. I believe that technologies such as ours should be rolled out at a massive scale in order to make a meaningful impact. There is no more time to waste.”

For more information about the Company, please refer to our website:

For further information please contact:

Hydrogen Utopia International PLC

Aleksandra Binkowska/Guy Peters

+44 20 3811 8770

About Hydrogen Utopia International PLC

HUI aims to become one of the leading new European companies specialising in turning non-recyclable mixed waste plastic into carbon-free fuels, new materials or distributed renewable heat.

A HUI facility uses non-recyclable mixed waste plastic as feedstock and turns it into syngas from which new products and energy can be produced. HUI anticipates that its revenues will be derived from a variety of sources, dependent upon location and configuration of the HUI facilities, including the sale of syngas, hydrogen and other gases, electricity and heat sales, and the payment to it of fees for a given quantity of non-recyclable mixed waste plastic received at a HUI facility.

HUI will target areas where there is significant private sector interest or potential, financial backing is accessible and or where substantial EU and/or government funded sources of grants and loans are or may be available. The global increase in fossil fuel-based energy prices reinforces the need for alternative, price competitive energy sources, which HUI’s business model can provide.

The pressing need to deal with growing amounts of waste plastic combined with a real momentum in the use of hydrogen from renewable sources may pave the way for a rapid deployment of and investment in HUI facilities.

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