Weekly Digest 21 October 2017

So we started off last week by saying some investors had done really well. Well… this week lots of investors have done really well! And on AIM too! How often can you say that? Not too often unfortunately, but as one of the oldest sayings in the book goes… ‘Fortune favours the brave’. Fortune certainly came to GGP and VAST holders amongst others. There are too many stocks to mention this week but we hope the one’s we’ve highlighted brighten your weekend!

Greatland Gold Plc (AIM:GGP)

The current ‘darlings of AIM’ saw their share price rocket this week reach as high as 2.61 on the intraday charts as Gervaise Heddle CEO confirmed earlier in the week that GGP had applied to extend the licence area around Ernest Giles. That news and a flurry of warrant conversions seems to have injected further life in to the stock which still has another 5x 100% owned projects all of which have arguably significant potential to return value to shareholders. Investors now wait with baited breath as the Newmont agreement nears to a conclusion (by mid November). Will there be a JV or will Newmont bid to buy Ernest Giles as a whole… or will somebody else come in?… We don’t know! But when we do, you can be sure to hear about it here first on Share Talk (after the RNS of course).

Reabold Resources Plc (AIM:RBD)

This week saw (as expected) the confirmation of the board appointments of Joint CEOs Stephen Williams and Sachin Oza and a Grant of Options RNS was duly issued to the market. Whilst some social media users have highlighted the fact that the exercise prices do appear to be a little on the low side, the vast majority of the buzz on twitter specifically centered on what assets are the company going to announce. Speculation is rife as to what those assets might be but until then, its just noise. What we do know is a significant sum of cash has been raised and you would expect that now the board appears to be in place, asset announcements will follow. The question is when will they announce these assets, what will they be, where will they be located, and which companies will be involved. Certainly one for the watchlist.

Vast Resources Plc (AIM:VAST)

This was the week that Vast Resources delivered ‘vast profits’ to shareholders! Excuse the pun… Further progress on the Balta Plai licence in Romania was announced via RNS and the share price did the talking from there. Whilst the inevitable pullback came on Thursday as is so typical on AIM, the SP recovered back to recent highs of 0.60 to end the week almost 100% up. It hasn’t quite had the GGP treatment just yet but news on Balta Plai is forthcoming and the company are confident of getting that mine into production in the coming months so investors are sitting tight quietly confident. Congratulations to all who hold.

Ncondenzi Energy (AIM:NCCL)

Image result for Ncondezi Energy

A late contender for RNS of the week came completely out of leftfield on Friday from NCCL as they announced a tie-up with GE and CMEC to enter into exclusive negotiations to develop, construct and operate the integrated Ncondezi 300MW coal fired power project and open pit coal mine in Tete, Mozambique.  The SP rocketed Friday morning up nearly 60% at one point but was driven back to a measly 16% by close. Fluctuations aside, this appears on the face of it to be big news for NCCL and their shareholders. A formal signing ceremony has been arranged for November in Beijing and if I was in the predictions making business (which I’m definitely not) then I’d be predicting good outcomes for this JV which should return value to shareholders.

Ascent Resources Plc (AIM:AST)

After stating their production deal with INA in Croatia was weeks away back in June we’re now armed with the info that all is needed is final signoff between the Croatian authorities and INA themselves with the vast majority of regulatory paperwork having been completed. From the outside looking in, it is easy to see why there could or should be frustration from both shareholders and the management at AST but what seems to be evident is that both parties come across as restrained. AST CEO Colin Hutchinson comes across as one of AIM’s most approachable CEOs and doesn’t shirk away from his responsibilities to update the market, no matter what kind of update it is that has to be communicated. Whilst the inevitable internet trolls might still habituate some of the message boards on various websites, the feeling in the AST shareholder camp still appears positive despite circa four months of delays. The SP won’t be to anyone’s liking currently… but does that mean the current entry price is attractive? Lombard and their CLNs appear to be completely out and there appears to be a lot of upside once INA is confirmed. As ever, we will be watching the story unfold with interest here at Share Talk.

Horse Hill


So as any regular Share Talk reader should know by now… we’ve covered the Horse Hill story since the Lenigas days and if you look far back enough through our YouTube channel you’ll probably find some very lo-fi interviews we recorded with the main man himself back in the day… but those days are long gone. David and Share Talk have both moved on and whilst Mr Lenigas no longer sits on the board of the many AIM companies he once did, he still retains a strong interest in the Weald Basin, not least through the NEX/ASX-listed Doriemus and various shareholdings in some of the other companies still active in that area. Wednesday saw Sussex Council unanimously approve the planning application submitted by Horse Hill Developments Ltd of which UKOG owns 49%. Regency Mines Plc (RGM) immediately announced the sale of their remaining 3.1% stake to Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA) which came as a surprise given that UKOG still have an option on it. The question there remains, are UKOG running out of cash? Issues with the well at Broadford Bridge have slowed down operations and Flow Testing is expecting to commence by the end of October and complete mid-December. Many shareholders expected the HHDL planning permission to reinvigorate the SP for UKOG but it has since been in freefall since Wednesday dropping -20% to 4.45p.

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Thought of the week

Its hard not to follow @TheRumTraderLSE ‘s DYOR words of wisdom from last week so I’ll take the easy route and agree with him on that one (how can you not?). All I can add is a brief apology for not covering CON, ANR and any other stocks that did great (or terrible) this week. There will be a time when we can cover them all but that time is not now. Its 2219 on a Friday night and I haven’t had my tea yet!

“When a man needs to eat, a man needs to eat.”


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