Superdrug will stop selling single-use vapes

In response to growing concerns over the environmental ramifications of the disposal of millions of vapes by Britons each week, Superdrug has decided to cease the sale of single-use vapes.

The retail chain aims to discontinue selling brands such as Vuse Go and Flavaah Bars and intends to deplete its existing stock by the year’s end.

In addition to environmental concerns, Superdrug has cited the risk of fires associated with the lithium batteries in disposable vapes as another reason for discontinuing sales.

Earlier this month, Ben Riley-Smith from The Telegraph uncovered that officials are contemplating a prohibition on single-use vapes, fueled by anxieties that children are developing addictions to these colourful, flavoured alternatives to cigarettes.

Lucy Morton-Channon, who heads environment, social, and governance at Superdrug, expressed her concerns regarding the alarming rate at which consumers are utilizing and discarding single-use vapes, emphasizing the detrimental and enduring impact on the environment. She conveyed her satisfaction with the company’s resolution to eliminate them from all stores.

Ghada Beal, the Healthcare Director at Superdrug, commented, “Acknowledging the escalating trend of disposable vapes among the youth and its enduring impact on the environment, we must act responsibly.

At Superdrug, we offer a diverse array of products for those who are keen to quit smoking. We invite individuals to visit any Superdrug store to explore the various options available or to engage with our approachable pharmacy team members, who are always willing to provide guidance on the most suitable option for you.”

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