Share Talk’s Innovative Investor’s event in Cardiff: An overview

On Saturday 18th February the Share Talk team held their innovative investors event in Cardiff at the National Museum. It was a resounding success.

The event opened with eg solutions plc (EGS) Founder and CEO Elizabeth Gooch MBE giving an insightful presentation on the achievements of her company, the progress it has made and the long-term potential of their services in the software business optimisation technology space. In January, EGS’ share price had been languishing at 41p. However a great trading update, Master Service Agreement, a first contract win through partnership with GCI to distribute eg operational intelligence® software within the public sector, quickly followed by the Cardiff presentation, saw the EGS shares rally hard and they are now priced more than 60% higher at 66p.

Matt Bird of Seer Green Financial Planning then gave a very interesting presentation on pensions, the benefits of starting to invest early, tax efficient savings and intriguingly asked. “How to improve your investment returns by 41.67%? This caught the attention of some local attendees and some viewers on SKYPE because Matt has received numerous enquiries since appearing at the Cardiff event.

Next, award winning fund manager Gervais Williams gave a thought provoking presentation connected to his new book “The Retreat of Globalisation” and the implications and opportunities relating to long-term investing. Gervais is an advocate of investing in small cap and Aim-listed stocks and noted that attendees may wish to research the radiation detection technology company, Kromek Group Plc (KMK).  KMK has since risen more than 27% in the past week.

After complimentary refreshments the attendees were given a presentation by George McDonaugh CEO of Kryptonite1, on the investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain space. He educated the audience on “Initial Token Offerings”, their allure and the rapid global growth of the investments being made in this niche.

Then WideCells Group Plc CEO João Andrade articulated eloquently the long-term potential of his company’s Stem cell technology services. As a disruptive force in the stem cell industry, João explained the progress WDC have made since their IPO in July 2016, CellPlan and their integrated strategy to forthcoming revenues and sales in 2017. He expanded on the global opportunity that WDC are building with regards to their Cell Plan healthcare insurance plan to enable accessibility and affordability to the treatment of blood diseases.

Next Chris Bailey (Financial Orbit Ltd) gave a very accomplished presentation on the mad, bad and the opportunistic nature of current markets. He covered topics including stocks, bonds, QE, Brexit, Trump, made several interesting observations including the sometimes contrarian indicator that can be found by fund managers sector picks and asset rotations. He also suggested some stocks that attendees should investigate and research with regards to their long-term quality of earnings.

Throughout the evening, Share Talk had been blessed by the skilled compere Jeff Smith. You would not have known it was his first compere gig. Jeff then took to the stage himself and gave an inspiring, motivational, and heart warming presentation on living in the moment, never giving up, giving back and raising money for charity. He inspired us all to such a degree that Share Talk have donated £500 to his goal of trekking to Everest starting next month. In addition, the Group Chief Executive officer of Widecells Group Plc João Andrade made a very generous offer of running an ultra marathon and matching pound for pound every penny raised for his charitable causes at any point in the future.

The audience were highly engaging in their questions to the presenters and the feedback was positive by all. The interactions from attendees, feedback from presenters and tweets/comments have been emphatic. Thank you all for your support. Especially our headline sponsor Financial Orbit Ltd, St Brides Partners, Smaller Company Capital Ltd and Companies House.

Videos of the event are currently being edited and will be published later this month.

The Share Talk team look forward to holding another unique event for you soon.

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