RAC Reports: Petrol Prices in the UK Hit a Monthly Record in June

The UK’s petrol prices rose the most in June, amid rising inflation and a crisis in living costs.

The average cost to fill a family car rose above £105

Diesel prices have risen to £2 per litre, more than 15 pence above the average

According to data from the RAC motoring organisation, the average petrol price at the pump rose 16.59 pence per litre in June.

This is higher than the March record of 11 pence. The average petrol price rose each day in June to a record 191.43 pence by June 30.

Simon Williams, a fuel spokesperson for RAC, stated that pump prices have been increasing at a rate of four weeks. Following a March fuel-duty reduction of 5 pence, the group called for more financial support from the British government.

According to RAC data, diesel prices rose just below PS2 in the same period. According to the group, this is despite wholesale fuel prices falling for the past five-week.

According to Bloomberg data, the UK is home to the highest-priced fuel among Europe’s five largest economies. According to RAC, the cost of filling up a 55-litre family car’s tank was £105.29. This is an increase of £25 since the beginning of the year.

Williams stated in the statement that “there’s no doubt” drivers get an incredibly poor deal at the pumps during a time when the cost of living crisis is becoming ever more acute.

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