Polish operator PERN has detected a leak in one pipeline in the Druzhba system that carries oil from Russia to Europe

Operator PERN stated Wednesday that this event will increase concerns about Europe’s energy security following the Nord Stream gas pipeline leaking.

PERN stated in a statement that the cause of the leak was unknown at the moment. It was located in a section of pipe about 70 km from Plock, central Poland.

PERN reported Tuesday evening that it discovered a leak in the main route carrying crude oil to Germany. This discovery comes at a time when Europe is facing a serious energy crisis due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The standoff has caused gas supplies to be cut in Europe.


Here are some facts about the pipeline

* Druzhba, one of the most important oil pipelines in the globe, was constructed by the Soviet Union.

* It connects West Siberian oilfields to major European refineries.

* It can pump more than 2,000,000 barrels per day (bpd), but it has been greatly under-utilised due to worsening Russia-Western relations.

* The Druzhba pipe splits into two sections, with the larger, northern leg going to Poland and Germany. In recent months, this section has been pumping approximately 2 million tonnes (490,000 bpd)

* The southern leg supplies Slovakia and Hungary, as well as the Czech Republic. This pump has been producing around 1,000,000 tonnes per month or 245,000 bpd.

* The pipeline runs through Belarus, which also receives some oil.

Russia’s Transneft claims that PERN informed it about the Druzhba leak.

Interfax reported that Russia’s Transneft, a state-owned Russian pipeline monopoly, said Wednesday it received notice from PERN regarding a leak at the Druzhba pipeline.

Interfax reported that Transneft stated that oil is still being pumped towards Poland and that PERN hadn’t yet indicated how long it would take to repair the damage.

Photograph: ( Reuters ) A storage tank is pictured at the Gomel Transneft oil pumping station, which moves crude through the Northern Druzhba pipeline westwards to Poland and Europe, near Mozyr, Belarus, in this file picture taken January 4, 2020.

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