#PHARMA: French biotech to launch new class of high blood pressure drug

Lionel Segard is Chairman & CEO of Quantum Genomics, a French biotech company launched 11 years ago. Quantam are developing 1st in class drugs to treat hypertension and chronic heart failure.

High blood pressure is a very common and potentially serious disease, which gets worse as people get older. 50% of over 50’s suffer from high blood pressure. 9.4 million die each year from complications such as stroke and heart attack. Older people, African-American, Asian and Hispanic people are more prone to hypertension.

‘We are developing a new class of drug for high blood pressure and chronic heart failure, with a huge demand from patients and big pharma’ explained Mr Segard.

A big Phase 2a trial has been conducted across Europe and another is taking place in America currently, with results due 2018 and mid-2019.

The company is listed on Euronext Growth, the ticker is #ALQGC and the market cap is 35/40M Euros.

This interview is one of a series with Edison pharma clients shot at the Biotech and Money Conference at the Waldorf Hotel, London on 14.11.2017.

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