Oilex Ltd (ASX:AIM:OEX) Results of General Meeting

Oilex Ltd (the Company) advises the results of its General Meeting held on 13 July 2022.

All resolutions put to the General Meeting were decided by a poll with all resolutions passed.

Proxy Voting

In accordance with Section 251AA of the Corporations Act, the proxy votes and number of shares voted and the number of votes cast in person or by proxy on a Poll, are set out in the attached report from Oilex’s share registry, Link Market Services.

Issue of Equity and Application to Trading

Further to the approval of Resolutions 2,3 and 4, the Company will proceed to finalise the issue of tranche 2 of the placement shares and issue 174,831,394 new ordinary shares at an issue price of £0.002 per Share and 30,000,000 options an exercise price of £0.002 per Option, with an expiry date of 30 April 2024 pursuant to the fundraising announced on 4 May 2022.

Further to Resolutions 6(a), (b) and (c), the Company will issue a total of 324,675,324 options to various Directors at an exercise price of at £0.0022 and expiry date of five (5) years from the date of issue , further details of which were set out in the notice of general meeting and explanatory memorandum announced on 14 June 2022.

Proposed Change of Company’s Name

Further to the approval of Resolution 1, a separate announcement will be made in due course regarding the timetable for effecting the change of the Company’s name to Synergia Energy Ltd under a new ticker code of ‘SYN’ across the two exchanges (ASX and AIM) on which the Company’s shares are traded.


This announcement has been authorised for release by the board of Oilex Limited.

For and on behalf of Oilex Ltd

Lisa Wynne

Company Secretary

For further information, please contact:

Investor Enquiries

Oilex Ltd

Roland Wessel


Email: [email protected]

Tel: +61 8 9485 3200


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