Lionsgold LTD (LION) Goldbloc – Gold Meets the Cryptocurrency Revolution!

What would you say if I told you that the world’s oldest, strongest and most reliable currency will soon be available in a format that you can easily slide into your wallet and use for all your daily transactions?

What is the world’s oldest, strongest and most reliable currency?

Well, it’s not the US Dollar – the US Dollar hasn’t been around that long and, over the 100 years, it has lost 98% of its purchasing power. It’s not the British Pound. It’s not the Euro. And it certainly isn’t bitcoin.

It’s gold.

Gold is not only the world’s oldest currency, it has consistently been the world’s strongest currency (it has maintained it’s purchasing power over centuries, while hundreds of fiat currencies have come and gone) and gold is one of the most reliable stores of value over long periods of time.

The problem for gold: it’s not that easy to use down the pub!

Gold has maintained its value for centuries because of its unique physical properties. However, in a world where commerce is conducted electronically, gold’s physical properties have seen it disappear from our every day lives.

This is unfortunate, because most of us, without realizing it, are now making big bets of currencies that are doomed to failure. We are all holding large amounts of our worth in “fiat money” cash: the British Pound, the US Dollar, the Australian Dollar – all fiat currencies and all destined to follow the same path to zero worth as all fiat currencies before them.

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But what if we could have our cake and eat it too: hold our liquid wealth in the world’s strongest currency and use that currency for every day transactions.

One technology is making this dream a reality: Goldbloc

Goldbloc is a digital gold currency that employs blockchain technology, a technology that many believe represents a paradigm shift. However, Goldbloc brings the future and past together by ensuring that is backed by something trusted and real: gold bullion!

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have seen a recent surge in popularity.

But there is a problem with most cryptocurrencies: no one knows how to value them! They are not backed by any physical asset. And despite claims that the supply of cryptocurrency is limited, there seems to be a new cryptocurrency released every day!

Goldbloc provides users with all the benefits of a cryptocurrency, but is backed by a real asset that will hold its value through good times and bad. Bitcoin has yet to be tested by war, recession and technological change: gold has been there and done that! And now, you can carry the ultimate story of value in a card in your wallet, a card that you can use for every transaction.

Don’t trust fiat currency? Not sure about Bitcoin? Goldbloc may be the answer!


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