EU Legislators Express Dissatisfaction Towards the Creator of ChatGPT

EU policymakers drafting a bill on AI regulation have expressed their disagreement with remarks made by OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, during his visit to meet authorities across Europe.

Altman, the head of the AI firm, hinted that he might withdraw ChatGPT from Europe if the technology were subjected to excessive regulation.

The AI research group has indicated a preference for amendments to the proposed EU AI Act, which is currently in the process of being crafted by regulators in Brussels.

This act would represent the first set of regulatory standards for this technology, following its remarkable expansion in less than a year.

“The present version of the EU AI Act is excessively regulatory, but we’ve heard that it’s going to be toned down,” stated Altman in London on Wednesday.

Several regulators involved with the act have contested these assertions, maintaining that they are not framing the laws based on the input from ChatGPT’s creator.

Dragos Tudorache, a Romanian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) at the forefront of the EU proposal drafting process, stated: “I don’t foresee any watering down in the near future.

“However, we are certainly open to inviting Mr Altman to Parliament to express his worries and listen to the views of European lawmakers on these matters.”

Thierry Breton, the European industrial chief, cautioned Altman that the EU’s regulations “are not open for negotiation.”

“European Union should not allow itself to be coerced by American corporations,” added Kim van Sparrentak, a Dutch MEP.

The draft legislation follows a chain of cautionary statements made by AI field executives and experts, alarmed about the potential for the technology to be misused by malicious entities.

A previous Google executive warned on Thursday that AI held the capacity to cause “significant loss of life.”

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