Dramatic footage shows a failed Russian missile strikes its own launch site

Dramatic footage shows a rocket going in the wrong direction before plummeting to the ground in an explosion.

Social media footage shows dramatic footage of the moment that a Russian Air Defense Missile malfunctioned, flew back to its launch location, and resulted in a huge explosion.

Unverified footage from the Face Of War Telegram channel shows a missile launch from Alchevsk about 20 km west of Luhansk in Ukraine’s Russian-controlled east.

Three smoke trails indicate that air defense missiles have been fired at an unidentified object.

The fourth missile is fired. The rocket is then launched from approximately 300 feet above the ground. It suddenly turns and dives towards the ground, appearing to return to its launch point.

The otherwise dark sky is briefly lit by a huge explosion.

Surface-to-air missiles don’t carry large explosive warheads. They rely primarily on speed to smash into aircraft bodies.

The large explosion, in this case, was likely caused by unburned fuel in the rocket.

It is unknown what caused the missile’s malfunction and its return to the launch point, or if any casualties were sustained.

A separate incident occurred when a Russian Il-76 transport aircraft was flying to supply Vladimir Putin’s war effort. It exploded mid-air and crashed shortly after take-off from Ryazan, near Moscow.

Initial reports indicated that an engine fire was the cause of the crash which resulted in the deaths of four crew members.

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