Dr Gareth Cave, Founder and Director of Pharm2Farm Limited Interview

Pharm2Farm Limited (“P2F”) anti-viral surgical mask project

P2F has developed a coating for textiles which incorporates its proprietary nanoparticles to give textiles long-lasting virucidal properties. The first application of this technology has been to coat a fabric layer in surgical masks and produce a certified antiviral (including COVID-19 and Influenza) mask for use by both healthcare professionals and the public.


Dr Gareth Cave is a University Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, who has invented a face mask that is “more than 90% effective at killing coronavirus.

The anti-viral face-covering features a fluid-repellent outer layer which reduces the inhalation of droplets that carry Covid-19.

There is also a copper lining embedded in the mask which releases ions which kill the virus if they come into contact with it.

Tests have shown that the masks kills more than 90% of flu and coronavirus infections.

Gareth says the new masks are due to go into production in Nottingham in late November and he hopes for them to be commercially available from December.

They will initially be available for healthcare, transport and foodservice settings.

Gareth says he was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. He has a check up on the 9th December and hopes to be able to take a box of the masks with him to say thank you to staff.

It’s thought the new masks will be priced at around £1 – making them slightly more expensive than surgical masks- but it’s perhaps a small price to pay for extra protection.

Source https://www.itv.com/news/central/2020-11-16/new-face-mask-that-kills-coronavirus-could-be-available-by-december-says-nottingham-scientist-nottingham-trent-university-dr-gareth-cave

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