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BTC: $9,119.67 | +$70.22 (+0.9%) since last week
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LTC: $160.05 | +$13.82 (+9.82%) since last week


Is buying crypto assets really investing?
According to venture capitalist Fred Wilson, buying crypto assets is less like investing and more like purchasing a foreign currency whose value is tied to a given country’s economic performance. In the case of crypto, value will be tied to a project’s performance, and to a broader extent, overall market sentiment.Binance’s CEO has asked all listed token projects to disclose any links with Sequoia
After being unexpectedly sued by VC firm Sequoia late last month, Binance’s CEO is now preparing to ask all token projects to promptly disclose any ties between themselves and Sequoia. The move is aimed at clearing up any uncertainties about unsavory links to the VC firm, and may be implemented in full in the coming weeks.Inside the minds of the bulls and bears of Bitcoin
This piece from Bloomberg dives deep inside the minds of some of Bitcoin’s biggest proponents and detractors, including legendary investors like Charlie Munger, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. It’s illustrative of the deep philosophical divide between the Bitcoin bulls and bears – and the gap between the two isn’t likely to close anytime soon.Ripple has been sued for securities law violations
After numerous waves of unsavory allegations, Ripple has been sued by Taylor-Copeland Law for allegedly operating a pump and dump scheme to inflate the price of XRP, all the while treating the cryptocurrency as a “never-ending ICO” and continuously soliciting more funding from unsuspecting investors. Ripple’s executives have yet to respond to the allegations.

According to BinanceICOs are not just good to have, but necessary
This piece from Binance clearly lays out why ICOs are instrumental in building a healthy crypto ecosystem, and their role in the funding lifecycle. In addition, the article posits that ICOs should be of more interest to VC investors, given that there is supposedly a higher probability of success for these projects (due to a higher user base directly upon launch).

South Korea is planning to ease crypto regulations later this year
After last year’s widely-publicized crackdown on crypto, South Korea’s head financial regulator has announced that the country will likely be easing regulations on crypto later in the year. This is primarily due to what the government has deemed to be a “negative market impact”, driven by excessive regulations on crypto trading.

Should the Fed create a rival to Bitcoin? One former top official thinks so
In a recent interview, a prominent former official of the Federal Reserve stated that creating a “FedCoin” that acts as a foil to Bitcoin may become a viable alternative to excessive regulation on crypto trading. Central banks are increasingly considering the use cases for blockchain technology, and it seems that some are already putting plans in motion to create their own digital currencies.

Here’s why if Ethereum isn’t a security, then nothing is
In the view of some investors, Ethereum is the prototypical example of a crypto security – and if it isn’t considered to be a security by regulators, then nothing likely will be. While many consider ETH to be a commodity, most of its key properties are more in line with the definition of a traditional security.

What’s wrong with the crypto gaming market?
Crypto-related gaming projects have been increasing rapidly in number recently, but there’s one big problem. Since most of these platform are powered by gaming tokens and powered by Ethereum gas, the cost of operating the gaming networks will increase dramatically as more users come onto the platform.


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