China’s former president Hu Jintao unexpectedly escorted out of the party congress

As the assistants escorted Mr Hu, President Xi Jinping’s immediate predecessor, he appeared confused and disoriented. He refused to leave, and he retreated to his seat.

China’s former president Hu Jintao was unexpectedly taken out of the closing ceremony for the ruling Communist Party.

Two stewards led the 79-year-old from the Great Hall of the People in Beijing off the stage of the Great Hall of the People’s main auditorium.

As the assistants escorted Mr Hu, Mr Xi’s immediate predecessor, out, he appeared confused and disoriented. He did not seem to want to leave, and he returned to his seat at one stage.

He greeted Premier Li Keqiang and exchanged words as he walked out.

Last Sunday, Mr Hu was a little unsteady when he was helped onto the same stage as the opening ceremony.

Premier Li, the number two official in the country and chief advocate for economic reforms, will not be reappointed by the Politburo Standing Committee.

They were not included in the new Central Committee of the Communist Party, which now has 205 members. This was approved at Saturday’s closing session. The Standing Committee can only be served by Central Committee members.

A party constitution amendment was also approved by congress to further enhance Mr Xi’s status as China’s leader.

Although the text of the announcement is still to be released, an announcer gave the reasons behind the announcement and repeatedly mentioned Mr Xi’s achievements in strengthening both the economy and military and reinforcing party authority.

Mr Xi concluded his remarks by saying that the revision “sets forth clear requirements for strengthening and upholding the party’s overall leadership.”

The party enshrined Mr Xi’s ideas (known as Xi Jinping Thought) in its charter at the 2017 congress.

It seems almost certain that Mr Xi will be appointed for a record-setting third term. This means that he could theoretically become the leader for life.

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