Britain’s cheapest supermarket Aldi revealed a typical basket costs £31 less than Waitrose

Aldi was named Britain’s most affordable supermarket. A typical shopping basket costs a third less at Aldi than at Waitrose.

A report from Which? shows that a 48-groceries shopping basket costs on average £81.63 at Aldi, while an equivalent shop at Waitrose costs £112.62, which is 38% more than at Aldi.

Aldi was the most affordable supermarket for the last seven months, while Lidl was the most expensive for the first five months. This year, Aldi is ranked second in the ranking. Lidl was ranked the cheapest for the first five months of the year.

Which used the average monthly price for each item.

Reena Sewraz from Which? said that the cost-of-living crisis has forced customers to abandon premium supermarkets and switch to Aldi or Lidl. She said that you can also save money by choosing a supermarket with lower prices overall and sticking to a shopping plan.

Which? Which? Asda was the most affordable option for larger trolleys.

Asda’s average trolley costs £355.62, which is less than equivalents at Sainsbury’s (£368.97), Which?? said. Waitrose was again the most expensive option. A trolley with 149 items costs £406.95, an increase of 14% compared to Asda.

Ms. Sewraz called on supermarkets to stock cheaper own-brand products in as many branches as possible, even smaller convenience stores. The consumer group demanded that supermarkets be more transparent about their offers, and offer targeted promotions to help people who are most in need.

Which? Which? According to the study, seven out of 10 people couldn’t find the cheapest item based on a variety of real-life examples.

Shoppers are currently facing the worst cost-of-living crisis in a generation. This is due to soaring interest rates as well as a 10.7pc inflation rate. However, prices for some consumer favourites have gone up far beyond the headline rate.

According to Trolley, a 500g tub of Lurpak costs on average £4.58. This is 22% more than the December 2021 price. To prevent theft, several branches placed security tags on individual tubs due to the price increase.

Toilet roll prices have risen 17pc over the past year. Milk prices have risen 30pc.

Julie Ashfield of Aldi stated: “Aldi remains resolutely dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products at the most affordable prices.”

Waitrose spokesperson said that the range offers great value while still delivering outstanding quality, industry-leading animal welfare standards and fresh produce grown with care. Fair deals are also offered to farmers.

“Which price comparison does not include multi-buy deals which are very popular with our customers for both our own-branded and branded products?”

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