Zak’s Sunday Roast, 11th April, analysis of stocks, markets by traders and investors.

Grab a coffee, settle down and listen to the guy’s view – thoughts covering this week in the markets. New and exclusive to Share Talk

In this edition of “Sunday Roast,”  Zak talks to experienced and seasoned investors Phil Carroll, Albert Arthur and Kevin Hornsby regarding the past weeks’ movers and shakers, market sentiment.


Sunday Roast:

15s Phil’s week: MyHealthChecked (MHC), 33s Valereum Blockchain (VLRM), 3.19m Rambler Metals (RMM)
4.00m Albert’s Week: Valereum Blockchain
6.03m Zak on being too early in the market.
6.40m Albert on MHC
7.46m Novacyte (NCYT)
8.40m COVID stocks / Scancell (SCLP)
10.19m Zak on the new ISA week
11.00 Ed joins
11.45m Kevin’s week – MHC, Rambler (RMM), [email protected] Capital (SYME), Zoetic (ZOE)
16.35m Ed on people buying FastForward (FFWD) shares.
17.24m Zak on the Roast, MHC and Tiziana (TILS)
18.13m Ed on stock market discussion
19.38m FFWD’s investments/strategy: Kanabo (KNB), Cellular Goods (CBX)
22.00m Albert: What does FFWD actually do?
24.00m Ed on the FFWD focus
24.50m Ed on Bobby Axelrod
25.41m Phil: What does FFWD look for in investments? Yooma.
30.19m EMMAC

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