Verditek Plc (AIM:VDTK) Partnership to develop world’s first Graphene-based Solar Panel

Verditek plc (AIM:VDTK), the clean technology company, and Paragraf Ltd (“Paragraf”), the leading Cambridge based experts in graphene technology development, are delighted to announce agreement of terms for a Joint Development Programme (“JDP”) targeting new solar technology. The objective is to harness the significant potential advantages of graphene to improve the output of solar power generation over state of the art cells and panels.

Paragraf’s proprietary manufacturing process of large scale, high quality, graphene lends itself for development to integrate with Verditek solar technology. The program will investigate, develop and verify the application of graphene to solar devices, imparting the advanced electrical and mechanical properties of graphene to solar cells to realise a new generation of highly robust, ultra-light weight panels that will potentially revolutionise the photovoltaic market.

Paragraf‘s new approach to two-dimensional materials, in particular graphene, developed at the University of Cambridge, enables for the first-time highly reproducible, large scale production of these potentially game changing materials. With the capabilities to functionalise properties for the end application and readily combine with industry standard device materials, and current processing line tools, the possibilities for two-dimensional materials to significantly improve todays technologies is being enabled.

Verditek has today also secured terms for the delivery of the final piece of machinery to be shipped to Greenflex’s new facility in San Marino, Italy, which is currently in the process of securing TUV certification. The lightweight flexible solar panels, which will be manufactured at the facility, can transform residential and commercial buildings through the embracing of solar energy. The Verditek solar module is expected to excel where function and design are equally appreciated.

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Dr Geoff Nesbitt, Verditek’s Non-Executive Chairman, commented:

“This is an exciting development for both our organisations. The opportunity to apply the breakthrough graphene production technique developed by Paragraf to the Verditek solar cells moves us both to the cutting edge of the solar industry.”

Dr Simon Thomas, CEO of Paragraf, commented:

“The potential of two-dimensional materials, such as graphene, to significantly improve the performance of todays technologies is well understood. However, to achieve real improvements in combination with commercial viability requires well founded, proven technology and cutting-edge R&D. The synergy of Verditek market disrupting solar cell design with Paragraf’s revolutionary materials has the potential to dramatically advance todays solar energy generation capabilities, providing a potentially market defining opportunity for the partnership.”

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