Valereum Blockchain (AQSE: VLRM) New Director Joins Valereum

Patrick L. Young – Global Stock Exchange and Blockchain Expert

Valereum Blockchain Plc (AQSE: VLRM), (“Valereum”) the uniquely positioned Gibraltar based blockchain technology builder, is pleased to announce that Mr Patrick Lyle Young has joined the Company’s board of directors with immediate effect, as executive director.

Given his extensive experience in building regulated solutions around the world along with extensive knowledge of blockchain technology, Patrick will be assisting the Company with building the Valereum Bridge. “The Bridge” is a Non-Fungible-Token (“NFT”) bespoke securities financial platform designed to link the fiat (Government issued currency) and crypto worlds strategically, securely and safely.

“The objective is clearly to link legacy markets with new opportunity in a way that is transparent, safe and accessible for both existing and the next generation of investors, coherent with the essential regulatory principles which will build trust in the platforms of the future.” said Patrick L. Young.

“Exchanges are at the epicentre of modern e-commerce models. By deploying their fundamental advantages, we can deliver a bridge for better financing of new ideas, greater liquidity to existing assets and instruments while enabling all forms of investors to benefit from more accessible, cost-effective transactions.”

“Valereum Blockchain represents the ideal opportunity to put into production various projects we have worked on for years across the world, delivering value to investors, raising funding for companies, and releasing value from existing assets and new digital instruments of all kinds via sound, sage, regulated platforms. The Revolution continues…onwards to build the bridge!”

“After more than 2 decades espousing and building financial technology for the future, I am delighted to join Valereum Blockchain” to bring my experience into the public domain, expanding the “internet of value” across all feasible asset classes and forms of investment.” notes Patrick L. Young.

Patrick literally wrote the book of fintech: “Capital Market Revolution!”, which was an acclaimed bestseller on the future of finance and published by the FT in 1999.

He has been working on the internet since 1994 and has a strong track record as a pioneer in the development of “financial technology” (“fintech”). Indeed, his book “Capital Market Revolution!” was published a decade before the phrase “fintech” came into common use.

The former chairman of the Blockchain Malta Association, Patrick has advised many of the world’s leading exchanges and was previously CEO of EU regulated SIBEX (Sibiu Stock Exchange) a decade ago. He is a former director of the European board of the world’s largest block equity trading platform Liquidnet and served 5 years on the board of the Swiss Futures & Options Association.

An expert in derivatives as well as financial market structure, Patrick has been involved with pioneering markets, products and exchanges for over 20 years. He championed “single stock futures” and helped introduce them to exchanges as diverse as LIFFE in London and Montreal Exchange. He was a pioneer in the prediction markets including as a co-founder of Intrade / Tradesports while his first book discussed the future rise of digital currencies as early as 1999.

Patrick has testified to regulators around the world, including the EUroParl Econ committee and guest lectured at institutions including Insead and Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland. He has wide experience with startups as a co-founder of CEE network Mission ToRun business. Amongst his 10 books he edited, the book of the Blockchain Island “DLT Malta” and most recently authored “Victory or Death – Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & the Fintech World” with a Foreword by the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, Jeffrey Sprecher.

In addition to his extensive advisory practice building new markets and working with the world’s leading exchanges, Patrick publishes the daily newsletter of the market structure business “Exchange Invest” which is read by the world’s leading exchange executives, vendors and investors in the exchange ‘parish’ across the globe.

Richard Poulden, Chairman of Valereum, said: “I have known and worked with Patrick for a number of years. There is nobody who understands the world of exchanges and the interface between fiat securities and DEFI as well as Patrick. It is an immense pleasure to welcome him to Valereum.”

Patrick L. Young is a director of Project Vistula Sp z o.o., DV Advisors Ltd, Revolution Market Capital Ltd and ECA Ltd.

There are no f ormer directorships and/or partnerships (within the last five years) to report.

Patrick L Young has no interest in the issued share capital of the Company.

Except as set out above, there is no further information regarding Patrick L. Young, that is required to be disclosed pursuant to Rule 4.9 of the AQSE Growth Market Access Rulebook.

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


The website address of the Company is

Valereum Blockchain Plc

Richard Poulden, Chairman

Tel: +44 7551 863830

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