Tally Ltd CEO is targeting an IPO on the LSE’s main market in December this year

Cameron Parry, Chief Executive Officer and Founder Tally said the company “continued to build strong foundations” in its second-quarter by increasing its organisational size and capability while also commencing the build of its new internal ledger architecture and banking engine Teco.

“We have been progressing our plans to convert investments from being non-core fixed assets to current assets with an aim to see the Company fully funded by its investment assets by the end of 2021, as part of making Tally a robust IPO proposition”, CEO and founder Cameron Parry said in a statement.

“Our crowdfunding strategy was deferred last quarter as we look to align that with the Company’s planned IPO. As such Tally conducted a pre-IPO private placing at 2p per share in June raising circa £400,000 from investors and an external developer choosing to take shares as part payment for ongoing work…We achieved several milestones last quarter, including the release of our upgraded pricing model for B2C customers, updated branding and release of our new website design along with ‘how to’ videos.  In addition, work has been ongoing in relation to the divestment of non-core assets to provide additional cash resources for growth and to launch the Company’s fixed rate savings product”, Parry continued.

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Whilst it is restricted to professional and/or sophisticated investors, should any shareholders wish to discuss qualifying and participating in the current 2p found, please email corporate@tallymoney.com

“We are targeting an IPO that would see us make application for listing the Company’s shares on the London Stock Exchange Main Market in December 2021.  We haven’t spoken of timelines to listing the Company’s shares over the last 18 months, but given we’re now at the end of our financial year and can proceed with our auditors to prepare audited accounts for Tally’s IPO prospectus, the advances being made with our “Teco” platform, and progress being made on converting investment assets to liquid assets, it is a reasonable to start outlining the path to IPO.

As previously stated, Tally’s IPO strategy is not just about seeing the Company’s shares available for trading, it is to add another regulated environment for Tally customer confidence, provide a platform for thought leadership about banking, money and fintech, and as part of our mission toward the democratisation of money”, the CEO added.

Ongoing Business Activities

· Plan to complete the build and go live with Tally’s “Teco” platform for new customers by the end of Q3 and run it in parallel with the existing ledger technology for existing B2C customers, with a view to migrating remaining customers across in Q4.

· New marketing assets being created, testing multiple micro influencers and initial partnership campaigns to commence.

· Further development and testing of 12-month fixed-rate savings product, security and trading strategies, and finalising legal framework.

· Recruit new team members to the technology engineering team to expand backend and frontend development capability.

· Commence work required by auditors for the end of financial year 30 June audited accounts.

· Progress opportunities to convert the Company’s mining interests from non-current assets to listed securities.

IPO Plans

· Following the end of the Company’s financial year, 30 June, preparatory work commences with the Company’s auditors and in line with their schedule we aim to have completed audited accounts in October 2021.

· During next quarter, the Company shall continue to grow the organisation, business and revenue streams, augment the board and concurrently carry out corporate work such as advisor negotiations and appointments, offer document drafting, negotiating the sale or conversion to listed securities of non-core assets, and rationalising the group structure with a view to having the Company’s IPO prospectus available for investor roadshows in November 2021.

· Following completion of the work outlined above, the Company intends to make application to the London Stock Exchange to have its shares listed on the LSE Main Market in December 2021.

Capital Raising Initiatives, TVR & PDMR

·Tally has completed an equity investment round at 2p per share, which has raised in June £398,832, being comprised of £271,667 in new equity investment and £127,166 in external developer charges settled in shares.

· As part of the funding round completed to date, the Company issued a total of 19,941,611 new ordinary shares that rank pari-passu with all existing ordinary shares.

· As part of the funding round completed to date, the Company has issued a total of 21,041,611 warrants (including 1,100,000 for broker services) for new ordinary shares, each exercisable at 200% of the Company’s Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) price with a term of three years from the future IPO date (“IPO Warrants”).

·In accordance with the provision of the Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules of the FCA, the issued ordinary share capital of Tally Ltd including the issue of the new ordinary shares is 668,064,392 Ordinary Shares with voting rights attached (one vote per share). There are no shares held in treasury.


Cameron Parry (Chief Executive Officer)

Tel: +44 (0)20 3490 6210



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