Sunrise Resources (SRES.L) Update: CS Pozzolan-Perlite Deposit in Nevada, USA

Sunrise Resources plc is pleased to announce positive test results from recent commercial concrete pours using natural pozzolan from the Company’s CS Pozzolan-Perlite Deposit in Nevada, USA, and to provide a general update on perlite customer trials.


Natural Pozzolan

· Two commercial concrete pours carried out by large Cement & Ready- Mix Company (“CRMC”) as due diligence towards commercial agreement.

· Positive results reported:

· Preliminary results show early strength gain in excess of target strengths.

· Seven-day concrete strengths exceed the 24-day target strengths after just 7 days curing.


· All customer trials for expansion of Horticultural Grade Perlite now completed for 100-ton bulk sample.

· All trial results now received.

· Most recent customer trial considered very successful.

Commenting today, Executive Chairman Patrick Cheetham said: “We are delighted to be announcing these exciting results which come after a number of frustrating delays. The preliminary results from the concrete pours using CS natural pozzolan are first-rate and, we anticipate, will provide the basis for a more structured arrangement with the CRMC carrying out this work.”

“Interest in using the CS natural pozzolan in concrete continues to grow and a number of additional companies have requested samples in recent weeks, no doubt driven by the bleak long-term outlook for coal fly ash supplies in the USA.”

“Looking to the future, we believe that the US$1.2 trillion infrastructure spending stimulus recently passed by the US Senate and embraced by President Joe Biden, together with Biden’s climate plan will give further impetus to pozzolan demand and so we are looking at possibilities to grow our business by acquiring additional pozzolan deposits favourably located for other regional centres of concrete demand in the western United States.”

“Whilst development of the perlite for uses other than for natural pozzolan is the smaller of the two business opportunities at the CS Project, we are pleased to have received great feedback from the most recent customer trials of our horticultural grade raw perlite and look forward to advancing this and other production options in tandem with the production of natural pozzolan.”

Further information:

Sunrise Resources plc

Patrick Cheetham, Executive Chairman

Tel: +44 (0)1625 838 884

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