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As the markets have now drawn to a close here in the UK, we take a look forward into 2018 to see which companies we think are going to return value to shareholders. This article was written Friday 22 December 2017.

N4 Pharma Plc (AIM:N4P)

It feels hard to ignore Nigel Theobald and his team at N4P as this pharma reformulation specialist (with a focus on Sildenafil, otherwise known as Viagra or Cialis) has a number of irons in the fire with the forementioned Sildenafil which is it’s most advanced product and is currently ‘in vitro’. Sildenafil is aiming to drastically increase the speed by which the drug currently works with erectile dysfunction. The market value for Viagra and Cialis currently stands at over $4Bn per annum and N4P might just have something that one of the true big pharma players might be very interested in once relevant trials have been completed and evaluated. Sildenafil might be N4P’s most talked about pipeline product but it certainly isn’t the one with the most potential value. Sartans drugs being reformulated (for the treatment of hypertension) are also ‘in vitro’ and have an annual combined market value of $11.2Bn. Yep… there it is… I used the B word again. Those are just 2 of 5 pipeline products, not forgetting the 2 patented vaccines Nuvec and Nuvac which you can read more about here. To put it mildly, I expect a lot of newsflow out of N4P in 2018 and I expect somewhere down the line that one piece of news will be game changing for the company. DYOR of course but I saw a city broker put out a speculative buy on  N4P earlier today for 12.6 pence which I see as extremely conservative in my opinion and struggle to comprehend how the broker has come to that figure as sentiment alone has seen it reach similar figures already without any kind of transformational news. 2018 is going to be a big year for a number of pharma companies across AIM and other markets but I see N4P being one of the winners and look forward to watching their story unfold. Enough of me talking… watch the CEO himself below from a recent ShareSoc event in November 2017.

Fusion Antibodies Plc (AIM:FAB)
Do I know loads about this company? No. So why is it on the list?… Well… the Belfast-based, revenue-generating biotech company raised £5.5M before expenses and IPO’d just the other day on to our favourite Alternative Investment Market otherwise known as AIM. So what do I like about it… ‘revenue-generating’… it always sounds nice. Secondly… institutional backing.. confirmed (so far) from Amati 6.07%, Canaccord Genuity 6.4%, LivingBridge VC LLP 5.52% … and expect more to come (look at recent trades and you’ll see what I mean). Clients and collaborators list – click here. Oh… and did I mention share price performance? Yes, it’s only gone and pretty much bagged in 48 hours. Will it continue the upward trend? Probably worth looking again when the market opens back on the 27th December (after doing your own research obviously) and seeing where the lay of the land lies. They even do their own blog. In the CEO’s own words, “the additional funding will allow us to continue this growth trajectory by expanding our capacity and developing our offering of new, high value, market differentiating products.” Did I mention they’ve already worked with 8 of the top 10 global revenue generating pharma companies?… Yep. Watchlist. Added. Here is a video from over a whole year ago with the current CEO. Share price is 165p at time of writing.
Greatland Gold Plc (AIM:GGP)
I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately… “What’s going to be the new GGP in 2018?” over and over and over… and to be honest, whilst a small part of me wants to say Papua Mining Plc (AIM:PML) have a shot at the title I’m still not convinced there is anyone who can or will repeat what Gervaise, Callum and team did in 2017. And who’s to say they won’t repeat the same trick again. That ‘trick’, for want of a better word, came in the exploration results from their Ernest Giles gold project and subsequent agreement with Newmont Exploration Pty (subsidiary of one of the world’s largest gold miners – Newmont Mining). GGP holders await Newmont’s findings after they spent the best part of 6 months doing further exploratory work whilst GGP took up the option to buy more acreage at Ernest Giles their potential Newmont tie up sent the share price soaring from around 0.5 to 2.5p with some holders having held from around the 0.1/0.2 mark it certainly meant good times were rolling for early stage investors. So why is GGP still on the watchlist? It’s had it’s rise surely! This is AIM! Nothing stays up forever? Well… don’t be silly… of course some stocks stay up. Not many mining explorer stocks granted… but good companies with quality assets, decent cash balances (over £4M in GGP’s case) and interest from major potential partners/buyers bodes well. Oh… and the CEO also considers their Paterson project to be world class as well as Ernest Giles… plus they have another 4 projects that will be getting the full GGP exploration treatment in 2018… plus they’re looking at acquisitions… plus they fly on Golden Unicorns… ok, that last bit was a lie, but a nice thought all the same. If this isn’t on your watchlist, I can’t help you. Just promise me you’ll help yourself and DYOR. Watch Gervaise Heddle talk about Ernest Giles back from May this year. Zak Mir also makes a guest appearance in this video. Come back Zak, we miss you!
Sosandar Plc (AIM:SOS)
My favourite sector. Women’s clothing. Online too. Current share price for this newly listed (or more accurately via an RTO of Orogen Plc) sits at 17.38p with a at time of writing so they have a looooong way to go if they are to emerge from the shadows of the likes of ASOS and which have delivered exponential (even that sounds like an understatement) returns to investors lucky (sorry, savvy) enough to get in early doors. Joint CEOs Julie and Ali headed up best selling women’s mag ‘Look’ and they obviously know the print PR game inside out. With celeb endorsements coming from the likes of Holly Willoughby, Fern Cotton, and many more daytime TV ladies – it’s easy to see why the future could be rosy for SOS holders. With perennial smallcap stock pickers Miton Group also taking 6.2% that gives investors some idea that this isn’t going to be here today, gone tomorrow. DYOR.
And the rest!…
Well there’s do many stocks on my watchlist for 2018 that it’s impossible to cover them all but special mentions should probably go to Red Emperor Resources (RMP – check their last quarterlies RNS re potential O&G acquisitions)… SDX Energy (SDX – the most reliable O&G play on AIM alongside DGOC?…),  Reabold Resources (RBD – look out for Colter drill in Q1 2018, a probable third acquisition, and further drills in Romania later in the year), BOKU (recent IPO for mobile payment solutions provider looks to be going from strength to strength – under the radar currently), W Resources (WRES – now fully funded after recent ‘major’ cash injection… still very much unloved but expect this to gather momentum in 2018), Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL – ready to burst upward ‘if’ and ‘when’ Nigeria funding comes through… will struggle otherwise), Mkango Resources (MKA – confirmation of Talaxis/Noble funding in January should see sp return to recent highs above 10p… what can it do from there is anyone’s guess).
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