Shell investors were greeted with a stark message,’Welcome to hell’

Shell shareholders were met with a strong statement, “Welcome to hell,” as climate activists gathered outside the oil giant’s annual general meeting.

The Excel Centre in London’s docklands was the venue for the meeting, scheduled to commence at 10 am. Protesters from various groups, including Extinction Rebellion and The People’s Health Tribunal, congregated outside, seeking reparations for alleged environmental harm.

Shareholders underwent thorough security checks resembling airport procedures as they made their way into the venue.

Although the atmosphere remained relatively peaceful, security personnel attempted to move the demonstrators further away from the entrance of the conference center, citing ongoing exams taking place inside. However, no discernible noise penetrated the auditorium.

Among the groups assembled outside the investor event were Christian Climate Action, a faction of Extinction Rebellion, the Catholic protest group Laudato Si’ Movement, and Quakers for Climate Justice.

Entering the Excel in London, shareholders were confronted by banners bearing messages such as “Welcome to a turbulent realm,” “Your insatiable greed endangers humanity,” and “Stand united with the Pope. Challenge the dominance of fossil fuels.”

Magda Pittaro, in her seventies and hailing from the vicinity of Venice, representing the Laudato Si’ Movement, expressed to the PA news agency, “The Pope expresses profound concern for the plight of humanity as the impoverished suffer and the affluent grow wealthier.”

As Shell shareholders make their way to the company’s AGM, they encounter protesters brandishing banners. CREDIT: Belinda Jiao

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