Shefa Yamim (LON:SEFA) Permo-Triassic-Jurassic rocks under Mount Carmel

Shefa Yamim (LSE: SEFA), a precious stone exploration company in Northern Israel, is pleased to announce the results of studies recently conducted by Macquarie University that provide a clearer understanding of why Shefa Yamim has been able to find a suite of gemstones in its exploration area, including natural moissanite and Carmel Sapphire™.

Natural moissanite is incredibly rare and requires extreme heat and unusually reducing (low-oxygen) conditions to form. Small quantities have been found as very small grains in rocks from the upper mantle, and in meteorites. Shefa Yamim has found the largest known moissanite crystal (4.14 mm) in the Kishon Mid Reach placers. Carmel Sapphire™ is a unique titanium-rich corundum first recognized in the Mount Carmel volcanic rocks.

Commenting on the findings, Professor William Griffin, Professor of Geochemistry at Macquarie University, said:

“The existence of large quantities of moissanite, coupled with the titanium-rich corundum – Carmel Sapphire™, makes this one of the most scientifically exciting projects I have worked on. Shefa Yamim’s exploration samples host some of the rarest and most unusual minerals on earth. Our recent findings add to the geological history of the region and provide incentives and directions for further exploration.”

Professor William Griffin of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, has used isotopic analyses of the mineral zircon to recognize the presence of deep-seated basaltic rocks, dated to the geological age of Permo-Triassic-Jurassic times. Zircon analysis is a widely-used tool in mineral exploration. Professor William Griffin and his team analysed 260 individual zircons from the vent rocks and tuffs of Mount Carmel and compared them with nearly 200 zircons in alluvial samples from the Kishon Mid-Reach placers discovered by Shefa Yamim. The analysis revealed that besides zircons from the known volcanoes on Mount Carmel, the alluvial samples also contain zircons from other Cretaceous eruptions.

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The depth of formation and sequence of cooling of these older-than-Cretaceous intrusions may be responsible for the creation of the gemstones found on the Shefa Yamim licenses.

The research implies that there are other primary sources of gemstones yet to be found in the area surrounding Mount Carmel and the Kishon River, and that further exploration is necessary to uncover the geological structure of the Israeli landscape and all the sources of the Kishon River gemstone placers.

Avi Taub, CEO of Shefa Yamim, added:

“Thank you to Macquarie University for devoting the time and money on our project. The findings give us context on why we have been able to find precious stones in the Kishon Mid-Reach area and are an affirmation of our continued efforts to enable the rapid opening of our first mine.”

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