Shaun Richards, independent economist, real Inflation rate, Furlough, QE, kicking the can

Shaun Richards is an independent economist who specialises in inflation measurement and monetary economics, Adviser to pension and investment funds. Bank of England watcher.

My name is Shaun Richards and I regularly analyse economic events and developments on Core Finance TV. You may also have heard me on Bloomberg Radio in the mornings or seen my comments and articles in newspapers such as the Business live section of the Guardian City-AM and the Daily Express.


I also write economics reports for investment groups, hedge funds and for pension funds. For the latter the work often relates to inflation measurement for both existing and future pensioners often the relevance of the measures used for this.

Also I have become something of specialist Bank of England watcher in terms of subjects like QE (Quantitative Easing) and its many new policies.

In terms of my history, am an independent economist who studied at the London School of Economics. My speciality was (and remains) monetary economics. I worked in the City of London for several investment banks and then on my own account over a period of 15 years. After initially working in the government bond department at Phillips and Drew Ltd. I moved on into the derivatives arena with options of all types being a speciality. I never lost my specialisation in UK interest rates and also traded as a local on the London International Financial Futures Exchange where I mostly traded futures and options on future and present UK interest rates. So with my specialisations of monetary economics and knowledge of derivatives I have plenty of expertise to deploy on the financial and economic crisis which has unfolded in recent years.

I have also worked in Tokyo Japan again in the derivatives sphere and the Japanese “lost decade” made me think about what I would do if it spread,which is ever more relevant as so many places show signs of “Turning Japanese”.

Should you wish to contact me then the most popular route is via Twitter and @notayesmansecon although there are contact details on here.For those of you who use LinkedIn, I can also be found on there. My weekly podcast can be found at the address below.

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