Share Talk Presents – A Live Q&A Session with Red Rock Resources Plc (RRR.L)

Share Talk Zak Mir Presents – A Live Q&A Session with Andrew Bell, CEO of Red Rock Resources Plc. Red Rock is a natural resource development company listed on the AIM market in London (AIM: RRR).

Recorded on the 12th of January, 2021, Andrew Bell answers shareholders question in this open forum.

Here are a few pointers covered during the live broadcast in no particular order

  • How do you compare Red Rock a year ago with Red Rock now? And where do you expect to be in a year’s time?
  • How are you going to measure your performance in the next year? What would be a success, and what would be a failure
  • These are very general questions, allowing an opportunity to re-establish context before questions become more diffuse.
  • Re the Mt Ida Iron Ore prospect to be spun out of Jupiter Mines.
  • When are you going to get your gold licenses granted in Victoria? And how long will it be before you can you get these assets listed?
  • How do you do business in corrupt environments, like Cameroon? [I know, we’re not in Cameroon, but that means I can answer the question generally, without mentioning DRC or Kenya]
  • What are your top 3 assets? How would you rank the projects?
  • What is the Company’s relationship with local authorities and communities?
  • At Migori in Kenya, CSA have been appointed, how much work do they need to do and what sort of time scale are we looking at to get the JORC done?
  • RRR previously submitted a mining application on the Kenyan tailings, what needs to be done to submit a new mining application and how long does he think it will take?
  • Do you intend to develop or sell the Kenyan assets?
  • At Musonoi in the DRC Red Rock said about 18 months ago that they were sending quarter cores off for analysis so that a maiden JORC could be generated. this was put on hold because of partner issues; where are they up to now? Do they have access to the cores, can they send the quarter core samples off for analysis, what needs to be done for the JORC
  • Apart from the Mt Ida iron ore royalty, do you have other royalties?
  • When are you planning to start field activities?
  • What is the latest on Luanshimba, does the recent phase one work help us at all or do we still need to get the phase two work done before we can form an idea on if we have anything?
  • As your investments in Jupiter and Power Metal Resources are now worth nearly £4m, should you sell them to provide funding for the other projects?
  • Why are you getting involved with Vector? Haven’t you got enough on your plate?

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