Share Talk highlight Oil & Gas AIM-listed companies: Part 2

Today we highlight a UKOG & ANGS hydrocarbons AIM-listed companies that have caught shareholder attention lately. A few listed companies have relaunched themselves, some have suffered major setbacks from past heights, while others have gathered pace and are looking to expand. One thing is for sure, life is never dull on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

In part 1 we covered Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited ‘AIM:COPL’ (TSX-V: XOP) and will summarise for those who missed the blog

This is a mixed bag with investors looking for a quick buck these days. It is achievable if you do your own due diligence, don’t follow the herd and don’t listen to the noise across social media. My personal experiences investing over the years, if it’s unloved – but the fundamentals add up, the good management team in place, assets – cash positive with a structured road map, sit up and pay attention.

Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (AIM:COPL,TSX-V: XOP)

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We covered COPL 1 June 2017 with a very in depth look at the companies past history and what the future could hold for them ‘Share Talk highlight Oil & Gas AIM-listed companies: Part 1’. 

The Debt package to finance operations moving forward look the next likely news update? If you look across social media you will see investors building a position while other’s are questioning if the management team can deliver? The logical view, look at the assets the company hold, then ask, can they secure a $40, $50 million dollars (yes this is not for the faint hearted) package against their offshore acreages? Time will tell but make no mistake about it if COPL secures the funding they are seeking, a re-rate will take place with the current market cap a distant memory!

Time will tell but make no mistake about it if COPL secures the funding they are seeking, a re-rate will take place to the current market cap they are off to the races! With Schlumberger Sign Agreement for Development of OML 83 and OML85 (investment in the project, phased over several years, is estimated at $700 million) next door to Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited oil appraisal and development project OPL 226.

 ‘NNPC, First E&P and Schlumberger Sign Agreement for Development of OML 83 and 85 in Nigeria’ London, June 29, 2017

Tripartite agreement for the development of the Anyala and Madu fields under OML 83 and OML 85, offshore Nigeria.

The Company and Shoreline, through their jointly held affiliated company, ShoreCan has acquired 80% of the share capital of Essar Exploration and Production Limited (Nigeria) which holds an attractive oil appraisal and development project in shallow to mid water offshore Nigeria on its 100% holding in OPL 226.

May 25, 2017, News of a placing was announced (I had watched the SP slide over the previous month), a Common Share Offering £3.25 million. The Company issued 650,000,000 new common shares (“Placing Shares”) at a price of 0.5 pence per Placing Share.

Management, including Arthur Millholland, President & CEO, representing approximately 3% of the existing share capital of the Company, and certain existing shareholders, participate in the Placing for an amount approximately equal to their proportionate current holdings in the Company.

COPL can press forward with its oil appraisal and development project offshore Nigeria in OPL 226 held through its 50% owned subsidiary ShoreCan’s 80% shareholding in Essar Exploration and Production Limited Nigeria.

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  • Debt package to finance operations from main market institutes?
  • Rig hot stacked: If COPL signs a contractual agreement, this would incur costs of around $50,000, $75,000 plus per day in cash burn depending on the contractual agreement – hot stacked is hiring on the spot market while a semi is in cold storage an option for the company?
  • New seismic interpretation – 3D seismic data should be completed late Q2 to early Q3 2017. Mesurado-1, 50 miles offshore Liberia on Block LB-13 (reappraisal of the original seismic).
  • Nigeria – Appraisal* drilling operations are planned to commence in late 2017 as quoted back in December 2016 RNS? Will the management team deliver on its oil appraisal and development project offshore Nigeria – OPL 226?

*Appraisal drill: Think back to December 19, 2016, Mesurado-1, this was an Exploration drill, a wild cat with a high degree of not striking oil. Appraisal drill is a different beast, the company knows they have oil, the question being, how much, is it commercially viable to extract versus cost per barrel.

UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC  (AIM:UKOG)

Next up is UKOG, this is a story l have followed pre- Horse Hill billion barrel find days, a claim made by Mr. Marmite, David Lengigas. Many will remember when results of the drill became known back in April 2015, the media attention was firmly focused on UK Oil & Gas Inv with the announcement  significant upgrade – horse hill discovery

Share Talk has highlighted UK Oil & Gas Inv on numerous occasions and interviewed Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s Executive Chairman over the past 18 month’s. Before we go any further, let’s take a brief step back in time to understand the growth of the company.

Back in 2014, UKOG embarked on the journey to target a massive payload of oil within the Upper Portland Sandstone. In October they found what they were after. Well, they almost did. From the start their intention was to find oil there and even though they did, it wasn’t the right spot. The figures that were released weren’t as big as some had anticipated.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/portland-oil-discovery–horse-hill- 1/201410240700121807V/

Even when they did reveal the discovery they only briefly mention that they hoped to discover gas in the Triassic.

Luck was on their side and when they drilled further they came across the two separate Kimmeridge discoveries. The HH-1 discovery well was now a success for all the wrong reasons, albeit a good one.

Suddenly UKOG started to understand what they were standing on and shortly afterwards, went for a bigger stake in HHDL. Next, it was time to bring in a respected geologist, Stephen Sanderson, to the picture.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/new-ceo- appointment/201501271000022341D/

Many will remember when results of the drill became known in April 2015 and the media attention it generated.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/significant-upgrade-of-the-horse- hill-discovery/201504090700116742J/

At first, it was discounted by some but further analysis of the results by reputed companies started to prove David Lenigas was right about its potential.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/schlumberger-independent- assessment-of-horse-hill/201508260705020849X/—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/markwells-wood-oil-field- competent-persons-report/201509140700078956Y/

Fast forward to 2016 and the flow tests started.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/final-flow-test- consent/201601040700126373K/

The two Kimmeridge results came first and they showed the enormous potential that could be reached there.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/update-on-flow- test/201602160700071444P/

When the last of the three results (Upper Portland) came back, it didn’t show as much as the previous results but combined, the well could produce over 1,500 bopd. More importantly, this was free flowing and no need for fracking or stimulation with only a one-inch choke.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/further-update-on-horse-hill-1-flow- test/201603020700077074Q/

When Wytch farm originally started out, they were looking at less than 700 bopd. It later developed into the largest onshore oil field in not just the UK, but also in Western Europe. HH-1 has managed to outperform that first well and it’s only the start. Plans for multiple wells off singular pads are not far away. Not bad for what at first appeared to be a failure by missing the sweet spot in the Upper Portland Sandstone.—38–gas-inv-plc–ukog-/rns/further-update-on-horse-hill-1-flow- test/201603090700084696R/

Then on the 21 March 2016, an RNS made this announcement: Horse Hill Developments Ltd has informed the Company that the final Horse Hill 1 (‘HH-1’) Portland test flowed at a stable dry oil rate of 323 barrels of oil per day (‘bopd’), double the previously reported rate. The final total aggregate stable dry oil flow rate from two Kimmeridge limestones plus the overlying Portland sandstone stands at 1688 bopd. Over the 30-90 hour flow periods from each of the 3 zones, no clear indication of any reservoir pressure depletion was observed. Further analysis of data is ongoing and will be reported shortly.


Share Talk published ‘The Horse Hill Sisters and Angus – The race is on20 March 2016, with the last paragraph highlighting my thoughts on what lies ahead for UKOG.

Then on the 18 April 2016 came the news ‘UKOG buys Angus Energy’s stake in UK’s Horse Hill -1 Oil Discovery‘ UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC announces that it has acquired all of Angus Energy Holdings UK Limited’s (“Angus”) remaining 7.8% interest in onshore Weald Basin licences PEDL137 and PEDL246 (“the Licences”). That gave UKOG a net working interest in the Licences from 19.968% to 27.3% at a cost of £1.8 million, UKOG received Angus’ 7.8% beneficial interest in the Licences via the purchase of Angus’ remaining 12% shareholding in Horse Hill Developments Limited (“HHDL”).


I mention this because we will hear a lot more about Angus Energy Holdings UK Limited’s (“Angus”), one of the companies exploring for oil in the Home Counties, had its own plans and was planning to join the junior AIM market back in late 2015, hoping to raise millions of pounds to expand its drilling operations in Surrey and Sussex.

Returned in 2016 and Succesful listed on AIM (Alternative Investment Market), was the prize always next door at Brockham License – PL235 (Production License) for Jonathan Tidswell-Pretorius, founder & Executive Chairman? We will cover that in the next blog, IPO and the amazing rise from grassroots (Image above) SP 6p to a Share Price: 35.00 today (8 am – 25 July 2017).

Angus Energy a small company with a bright future Nov 21, 2016, Share Talk have covered ANGS from IPO to the present day, and we will publish an update this week!

UKOG – Weald’s oil potential 2017 

BB-1 Oil Cored & drilled KL section near identical to HH-1. “Findings are highly significant,” says UKOG chairman

UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC (UKOG) has interests, held directly or indirectly, in a portfolio of 12 UK oil and gas assets held under Petroleum Exploration and Production Licences  (“PEDL”) granted by the UK Government. One licence (P1916) is offshore, all other assets are onshore.

UKOG’s portfolio comprises:

  • four onshore oil-producing fields, which generate cash for UKOG
  • four appraisal/development licences (two with additional exploration potential)
  • four exploration licences

Detailed map of portfolio which you can download HERE

Summary of UKOG Assets: Click HERE to download an up to date list of assets.

Before we cover 2017 l have to thank Stephen Sanderson, Executive Chairman & CEO, UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC for the podcast’s, video interview at the Master Investor Show, putting up with my emails, phone calls and allowing us to use images, data from the official twitter account, website

A special thank you to Steve and the team for donating two barrel sets from the  Horse Hill drill. Share Talk auctioned these for charity and thank you to our followers, bidders for your support!

UKOG move into 2017

We move into 2017 and UKOG are treading water, Upgrade to Portland Oil Resources, Horse Hill Oil Discovery, PEDL137, Weald Basin, UK is announced 7 February 2017 with the Share Price sitting around 1.3p then the volume rose from 100,000 million. Over the next few weeks leading up to the Final Results, for the year ended 30 September 2016 RNS, the volume had hit near 700 million with the Share Price hitting a high of 2.73p. That high wouldn’t be seen again until July of 2017, but once you read on you will understand why the tide has turned in the past couple of months.

The inevitable placing news had to come with the cash burn and lack of funds for UKOG to push forward, on 19 May 2017 the RNS with the title ‘Successful placing triggers important next phase of Weald Basin activities’ landed. This was a placing at the usual discount to the current SP 0.93p at the time. With £6.5 million raised through the placing of 812,500,000 new ordinary shares, this must have stuck in the throat of the UKOG management team, yet Sanderson would have the last laugh.

The SP would hit a year low on 24 May 2017 of around 0.83p as the markets reacted to the placing news, investors took to BB to vent their frustration.

Two days later 25 May 2017 Operations Commence at Broadford Bridge-1, PEDL234 Licence, Weald Basin, UK

The BB-1, an exploration step-out well, would test a geological look-alike to Horse Hill, located on the southern flank of the Weald Basin, designed to test both the southerly extension of the Kimmeridge Limestone oil play across the Weald Basin and its development within the licence. The word that is stand out in that sentence is ‘exploration‘ and with the drilling rig and key equipment necessary to drill the Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) Kimmeridge Limestone well on site, it was game on.

Exploration:  The searching and testing of a designated area for natural resources, in order to determine whether oil and gas reserves are cost effective, and are commercially viable.

On the 29 May 2017, the drill bit hit the dirt and it was game on, the placing monies had helped accelerate the work scope and balance the books at the same time. The share price was still sat around the 1p mark on the RNS announcement published 30 May 2017 : UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC (London AIM and NEX: UKOG) announces that drilling operations on its 100% interest Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) Kimmeridge Limestone exploration well commenced on schedule at 1700 hrs on Monday 29 May. drilling commences at Broadford bridge-1.

The well will test a mirror image geological look-alike to the Company’s Horse Hill oil discovery, which, as previously reported in March 2016, flowed oil at a record stable aggregate rate of 1365 barrels of oil per day from two naturally fractured Kimmeridge Limestone rock units (KL3 and KL4). BB-1 is located near Billingshurst, West Sussex, within the 300 km² PEDL234 licence, in which the Company has a 100% interest via its ownership of the licence’s operator, Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Limited.

News would come thick and fast for investors in June with 7 RNS being released, the markets would soon finding it hard to control the spread, SP as volume was to increase on a daily basis as interest started to grow across social media,

At this point, l have to say that UKOG twitter account must be one of the best company account l have come across to date. I hear CEO’s, Directors etc complaining about Nomad’s and what is classed as inside information, market regulations covering social media. Well UKOG released images, news updates on Twitter and connected directly with the very people they needed to target, all l can say, it worked!.

7 June 2017 Drilling Update at Broadford Bridge-1:  announces that 13⅜ inch steel casing was set and cemented successfully over the 855 feet thick Weald Clay section on its 100% interest Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) Kimmeridge Limestone exploration well.

16 June 2017 Drilling Update: UKOG announces that it has now drilled and cased-off the 12¼ inch hole section of its 100% interest Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) exploration well. BB-1 has reached a measured depth of over 830 metres and is now drilling ahead in 8½ inch hole towards the objective.

An extensive conventional coring programme within the target Kimmeridge Limestone section is planned to commence next week. The well is now under budget and remains on schedule.
South East Today, Evening News, 14:06:2017

Media Day at Broadford Bridge: Yvette Austin’s report on BBC South East TV with Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s Executive Chairman.

The public relation machine was in full flow to assure the residents near the site in Brockenhurst, Hampshire and the general public that UKOG are not fracking the well. We see the anger, distrust from the public this is causing with other companies that are openly using fracking to stimulate their wells.

Click Here: Environment Agency Approved Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Document

20 June 2017 Drill updateThe first coring point was called at a measured depth of 4013 feet (1223 metres) situated just above Kimmeridge Limestone 4 (“KL4”), the first reservoir target. When recovered to surface, the 100 ft cores will be transported to Aberdeen for initial rock sampling. Extensive geological, petrophysical and geo-mechanical analyses will be carried out in the UK and USA. BB-1 remains under budget and on schedule.

It would be two, three days later when the next RNS was released that the blue touch paper would be lit and the market makers would lose control of the share price. The SP would near double from 1.15p to over 2p by 23 June 2017, this was the signal that the momentum gathered pace as the MM lost control. Was it all down to one picture on Twitter, or the RNS update, you decide.

23 June 2017 Oil Seeps from Kimmeridge Limestone Core Samples at Broadford Bridge-1 Kimmeridge Exploration Well, PEDL234 Licence, Weald Basin, UK. The volume had gone up eight fold by this time and these news updates attracked a lot of attention.

26 June 2017 Drilling Update at Broadford Bridge-1  announce that core, totalling 330 ft, has been successfully recovered from the Kimmeridge Limestone 4 (“KL4”) target zone at its 100%-owned Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) exploration well. On the same day Exercise of Warrants kicked in and following Admission, the Company’s enlarged issued share capital comprised of 3,425,134,099 ordinary shares. The interesting paragraph in the RNS for me ‘ The possibility that we have encountered a single 600-700 feet thick, naturally fractured oil reservoir section, encompassing all four Kimmeridge Limestones and underlying a significant proportion of the wider Weald Basin, will now be rigorously examined during the flow testing programme.

The interesting paragraph in the RNS for me ‘ The possibility that we have encountered a single 600-700 feet thick, naturally fractured oil reservoir section, encompassing all four Kimmeridge Limestones and underlying a significant proportion of the wider Weald Basin, will now be rigorously examined during the flow testing programme.

On the same day UKOG RNS: Exercise of Warrants, following Admission, the Company’s enlarged issued share capital comprised of 3,425,134,099 ordinary shares.

With the share price creeping up, volume growing by the day, 30 June 2017 RNS was like a road map for the past and present Unaudited results for the six-month period ended 31 March 2017

KEY HIGHLIGHTS TO DATE (during and post-period)

·    Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) step-out exploration well spudded post period-end in UKOG’s 100% owned, 300 km2 PEDL234 Weald Basin licence.

·    Coring of the first BB-1 Kimmeridge Limestone reservoir target has been successfully completed. Mobile light oil was observed seeping from multiple sections of fractured limestones and calcareous shales within the cores. Wet gas readings maintained high levels throughout the coring and mobile oil was also recovered from the drilling fluid. Coring continues at the time of writing, to be followed by electric logging, well completion and flow testing.

·    £6.5 million raised from institutional investors via a share placing post-period end.

·    72% increase in UKOG’s total gross attributable P50 KCF OIP to 17.1 billion barrels in Weald Basin licence interests.

·    348% increase in total UKOG net attributable KL OIP to 2.4 billion barrels via PEDL234 acquisition.

·    PEDL234 Kimmeridge Clay Formation (“KCF”) P50 oil in place (“OIP”) calculated by Nutech at 7.1 billion barrels, of which 1.7 billion barrels lie within Kimmeridge Limestones (“KL”).

·    Planning application submitted in October for further Horse Hill-1 (“HH-1”) production testing and drilling of 2 new wells. First stable oil production target of end-2018/first quarter 2019.

·    HH-1 Portland oil discovery’s OIP increased by 53% to 32 million barrels. Gross 2C contingent resources were estimated at 1.5 million barrels with further significant recoverable resource upside via early water re-injection.

·    Horse Hill PEDL137 and PEDL246 Retention Areas extended by the Oil and Gas Authority (“OGA”) to 2021.

·    Allen D Howard was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of UKOG in March. Allen is a Senior Vice Presiedent of Premier Oilfield Laboratories in Houston. Allen was previously Chief Operating officer of Nutech.

·    Cenkos Securities plc were appointed as UKOG’s joint broker.

·    Stable oil production continued from Horndean and Avington fields.

·    Sadly, UKOG Executive Director Jason Berry died suddenly in November 2016.

Stephen Sanderson, Chairman, Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”)

The share price hit 3.67p (4 July 2017) on that news over the next few day’s, volume hitting 463 million in the first week of July. From that high, the SP fell for the first time since early June and dipped to 2.85p by Friday 7 July 2017. Considering two RNS were released on 6 July 2017, this did not stop the markets from pushing the share price down.

06 Jul 2017 5:59 pm RNS Factsheet UK Oil & Gas Inv PLC (UKOG) Exercise of Warrants
3:29 pm RNS Factsheet UK Oil & Gas Inv PLC (UKOG) Drilling Update at Broadford Bridge-1


554 ft core samples completed: “Found extensive oil-filled fracture network,” says Steve Sanderson

7 July 2017 Flow Test Consent from the Environment Agency  The Environment Agency (“EA”) has formally granted the necessary permit to flow test the Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) oil exploration well.

Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s Executive Chairman, Commented:

“This enables us to move onto the next phase of operation at Broadford Bridge. Our drilling and comprehensive coring programme has been very successful and we look forward to equally positive results from our flow testing operation.”

10 Jul 2017 2:45 pm RNS Factsheet UK Oil & Gas Inv PLC (UKOG) Drilling Update – Broadford Bridge-1
9:40 am RNS Factsheet UK Oil & Gas Inv PLC (UKOG) Replacement – Acquisition Update – Horse Hill-1
7:00 am RNS Factsheet UK Oil & Gas Inv PLC (UKOG) Acquisition Update – Horse Hill-1

The news was flowing thick and fast with three updates alone on 10 July 2017.

The RNS that changed everything – 14 July 2017 

13 July 2017 the SP was sitting around 3.10p and what was to follow next was surreal. It was a quiet Friday afternoon, who releases news at 4:11 pm unless it’s bad news, well that is the norm for companies to try to hide bad news away,  just before the market closed, people are not looking.  This update let the shackles off and the SP went north.

Friday, 14 July 2017 UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC (London AIM and ISDX: UKOG) announces that the Oil and Gas Authority (“OGA”) has granted final consent for the Company’s forthcoming extended flow test programme at its 100% owned Broadford Bridge-1 (“BB-1”) oil exploration well.

Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s Executive Chairman, commented:

“I am confident that the logging and testing results will add further weight to the “proof of concept” that BB-1 lies within a regionally extensive continuous Kimmeridge oil deposit. The thickness and vertical extent of this deposit would be of national significance.

More importantly, perhaps, the expanded testing programme will also determine whether BB-1 itself is commercially viable and provides the basis for the Company’s first 100% owned Kimmeridge oil production site.”

My humble opinion, the news was released on Friday late afternoon  for a valid reason. l watched social media come alight over that weekend, reminded me of the Falkland plays back in 2010. Holders came out in force and spread the word, by the opening bell on Monday 17 July 2017, the share price was only going in one direction. 

One more RNS update followed 20 July 2017 Further Kimmeridge Oil Reservoir Zone Identified, By then the SP was around 4.95p and this update pushed the share price higher with it touching 7.65p today. 

What is the conclusion, UKOG has Horse Hill Appraisal drill to visit once Surrey County Council (“SCC”) considers Horse Hill planning application with a scheduled SCC Planning Committee meeting of either August or September 2017

The Licences, covering an area of 55 square miles (143 km2) north of Gatwick Airport, contain the Horse Hill-1 (“HH-1”) Portland sandstone and Kimmeridge Limestone oil discoveries. As previously reported on 21 March 2016, HH-1 flow tested at a significant commercial aggregate stable dry oil rate of 1,688 barrels of oil per day. Regulatory permissions are being sought for a significant long-term production testing and appraisal programme of the productive Kimmeridge Limestone and Portland reservoirs.

The planning application seeks consent to long-term production test HH-1 and to drill two further wells. The Company’s plans remain unchanged in that HH-1 testing will directly follow the BB-1 flow test operation, with an HH-1 start expected in Q4 2017.

Broadford Bridge-1  Schlumberger electric logging and fracture imaging completed, core sample news to come. Flow testing of multiple zones over an aggregate 900 ft total perforated section to commence following setting of remaining 7-inch steel casing to TD and well completion.

UKOG currently mobilising equipment to perforate and flow test a total combined 900 ft of the Kimmeridge section, beginning with the deepest reservoir zones. Permissions from the Oil and Gas Authority, Environmental Authority and West Sussex County Council are in place, final consent from the Health and Safety Executive is expected in due course.

I have followed a lot of Oil & Gas companies over the years and if you want my honest opinion, you could be looking at a company that has the possibility to turn in to a true Oil & Gas producer on the main land of the U.K.

I spoke with Stephen Sanderson while attended the Master Investor Show 23 April 2016 and we talked about UKOG future. ‘Steve Sanderson Quote during the interview ” If we can hold on to the company, DE-Risk – Show it works commercially, we have the potential to go from a small penny stock to a mid-cap sized company”

On a closing note, 19 May 2017  Placing shares at 0.8 pence largely with institutional funds changed everything, yes it diluted the share value at the time, but today l see a Share Price of 7p +. A few saw this as a golden opportunity, the question you should be asking today, what is next for UKOG? If you read the ‘What is the conclusion’ you may have a good road map for the future of what lie’s ahead for Mr Sanderson and the UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC management team.

Share Talk has been in contact with UKOG over the past couple of weeks and hopefully, we can get Stephen Sanderson on the record.



Linking Shareholders and Executives :Share Talk

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