Ryan Dolder, CEO of Rogue Baron Plc (AQSE: SHNJ) Interview


London, UK, 12 April 2021 – Rogue Baron Plc (AQSE: SHNJ), a leading company in the premium spirits sector, is pleased to announce that it has appointed the corporate and securities law firm Galanopoulos & Company to act as the Company’s US OTC Markets Sponsor. Galanopoulos will work to have the Company’s ordinary shares cross-traded on the OTCQB Venture Market (“OTCQB”) in the United States. This will be in addition to the existing listing on the AQSE Growth Market in London.


Galanopoulos & Company have successfully worked with other AQUIS listed companies to cross-trade on the OTCQB, and this move has proved highly successful in significantly increasing US investor awareness and share trading liquidity for a number of those companies.

The objective of applying to the OTCQB in New York, is to provide efficient access to existing and new U.S. investors, enhance liquidity and facilitate a fair valuation for the Company going forward.

Upon achieving OTCQB cross-trading, the Company’s ordinary shares will continue to trade under the symbol “SHNJ” on the AQSE Growth Market, operated by AQUIS Stock Exchange in London.

With its primary listing remaining on the AQSE Growth Market, the OTCQB Market cross trading facility will provide U.S. based investors with the ability to access Rogue Baron’s shares in U.S. dollars during U.S market hours.

Ryan Dolder, CEO of Rogue Baron commented: “Proceeding with a secondary quotation on a U.S. trading platform operated by OTC Markets is another big step in the progression of our Company. Having a brand presence in the United States brings a lot of awareness to Rogue Baron and in turn brings a lot of new potential U.S. investment. Having our shares quoted on OTCQB will make it easier for U.S. based potential investors to access Rogue Baron shares, which we believe will continue to help build our Company.”

The Directors of Rogue Baron Plc take responsibility for this announcement.

The website address of the Company is www.roguebaron.com

Introduction to Rogue Baron

Rogue Baron owns five subsidiaries, namely: Shinju Spirits, Inc., Shinju Whiskey LLC, Mazeray Corporation, STI Signature Spirits Group LLC and Legacy Retail Group LLC. Legacy Retail Group LLC owns the Company’s cocktail bar in Washington D.C.; Bin 1301.

The Company’s goal is to build each of its brands to the case sale threshold that makes them a buyout target.

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