Royal Mail staff to lose £2,000 each if strikes go ahead Company warns workers

The company warned that striking Royal Mail workers could lose as much as £2,000 each if the company presses ahead with industrial actions in the coming weeks.

Royal Mail’s chief executive Simon Thompson stated in a video message to staff that they would be losing hundreds of pounds if the strikes continued.

If all walkouts go as planned, the company expects that every worker will be left with £2,000 in their pocket. An average employee earns £30,000 per year, including overtime and allowances.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents 115,000 Royal Mail employees has pledged to resist plans to reduce costs and change working practices.

Royal Mail responded by saying it was going to end the union’s legal agreement, and declaring plans to cut up to 10,000 jobs.

Royal Mail has already seen eight days of strikes, with another 17 days expected between now and December.

Thompson stated that striking action would mean fewer jobs and a smaller company. My opinion? “Enough is enough,” I believe.

Despite all the rhetoric, attempts to reach a compromise continue. At the end of last week, two days of arbitration talks were held. Plans to continue discussions – overseen by Acas–this week.

Before the Acas talks started, Mr Thompson addressed staff by saying: “I don’t know if Royal Mail or the CWU sat down in a room works.”

“We need help, and we need mediation.”

Last week, the CWU announced an additional day of strikes for Nov 12. It stated that “Though talks are ongoing at Acas, we must continue to exert pressure on Royal Mail to make progress.”

Royal Mail has offered staff a 5.5pc increase in pay. However, this raise is contingent on cutting costs and changing work practices. For example, increasing automation of sorting and delivering parcels seven days a week.

Dave Ward, general secretary to the CWU, stated that while we welcome the agreement to attend Acas talks as a positive step, it isn’t a significant one at this point.

“This is why the union did not choose to cancel or suspend scheduled strike action.

“Our members are resisting… trashing their job security, and sidelining their union. It will take more than Acas talks for them to be held back.

The strikes will continue until the employer stops its incessant attacks on employees. We will not stop until that happens.

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