Rishi Sunak: Petrol and diesel car ban delayed – watering down green policies

Rishi Sunak is set to make a significant address from Downing Street, during which he is anticipated to reveal a delay in the proposed prohibition of new diesel and petrol car sales from 2030 to 2035.

The intended restriction on oil boilers might also face postponement as Mr Sunak reconsiders several of the government’s primary net-zero initiatives, causing a divide among Conservative backbenchers.

Rishi Sunak has announced a postponement of the prohibition on selling petrol and diesel cars and vans to 2035, instead of the earlier set date of 2030.

He also verified that these vehicles can be purchased and traded as used from that year.

Mr. Sunak expressed, “For the time being, the decision should be yours, rather than a mandate from the Government.”

The Conservatives appear to be adopting a strategy that places undue financial burdens on the diligent British households.

“What makes me say this? Over the past ten years, we have consistently exceeded our carbon budget targets, even when many predicted we wouldn’t.”

He advocates for a more “balanced, practical, and reasonable strategy” towards achieving net zero.

“I’m not suggesting there won’t be challenging decisions. Nor am I reneging on our set goals and pledges. I stand firm that we will uphold our international commitments, notably the vital pledges made in Paris and Glasgow to cap global warming at 1.5%. I take pride in our nation being at the forefront of the net zero movement, boasting the boldest 2030 goal among all economies.”

Rishi Sunak points out that the public often questions the rationale behind certain decisions, given the available facts.

He criticizes the “short-term focus and lack of responsibility” in Westminster, asserting that key decisions are frequently driven by “immediate considerations”. He mentions that politicians often choose the more convenient path, providing people with the information they desire, rather than the necessary truths they must confront.

Mr. Sunak maintains that strides are being made in his top five areas of focus. Debt is projected to decrease, inflation has reduced since the beginning of the year, and there has been a decline in small boat crossings compared to the previous year.

However, he expresses, “This progress isn’t sufficient when a substantial number feel that our current trajectory, regardless of which party is in power, isn’t aligning with our expectations. And that there’s a lack of bravery in admitting it…

“My message today is clear: we are not without agency. Our future isn’t predetermined. We can shape our fate, but it requires a transformation in our political approach. Can we remain truthful when circumstances evolve, even when it’s uncomfortable?”

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