Porsche Dealers Blunder Puts $148,000 Sportscar on Sale for Just $18,000

The most popular thing about an advertisement posted by a Chinese Porsche AG dealer for the Panamera was not the sleek lines of the car, but the low price.

After the dealership offered the car at a bargain price of 124,000 yuan ($18,000), drivers who wanted a touch more luxury believed their luck was in. This is about one-eighth the starting price, which was 998,000 yuan.

After hundreds of eagle-eyed consumers paid reservation fees of 911 yuan for their cars, Porsche admitted that the dealership in Yinchuan had posted information that contained “a serious error in the retail price.”

The firm made an embarrassing backtrack and there was much disappointment on the social media platform.

A spokeswoman for the Stuttgart-based carmaker said that the dealership immediately corrected the error after realizing it.

It wasn’t a bad mistake for anyone. Porsche claimed it was in touch with the person who made the online reservation and had “negotiated an acceptable outcome” about the vehicle that the dealership had on hand. It did not elaborate.

Porsche reached out to each bidder individually to clarify the situation and offer an apology. The spokeswoman stated that Porsche will reimburse reservation fees within 48 hours.

China was Porsche’s biggest market, with sales of $6.2 billion during the first half of 2022. The Chinese market accounted for 30% of global sales. It sold 46 664 vehicles during that period.

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