Nicola Duke: Starting a strategy group to teach traders and investors


Nicola Duke 

I am starting a strategy group to teach traders and investors technical analysis tools and  trend following strategies that I use which will help  you to time entries and exits and avoid getting squeezed out of positions prematurely.

I will teach you the tools that you can build into your own investing strategy and use for life. We will do this on live real time examples in crypto currencies, commodities & stocks, updating as they move and we can look at any markets a group member requests.  I will do this in real time and share my chart screens via live video which will also be recorded.

Unless I am asleep I will be here to answer questions on technical analysis.

 I hope you can join us and turn this into a great place to learn and profit

✔ Group mentoring but tailored to your needs.
✔ Learn a trend following trading system & apply it to real time examples.
✔ Support for new investors. TLC for newbies.

Want to pay in Bitcoin? Please send me a direct message!


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