Mobile Streams plc (MOS.L) Wider roll out of SaaS subscription service

Wider roll out of e-commerce SaaS subscription service

The Company is pleased to announce that its ‘Streams’ insight platform will be launched as a subscription service which customers can pay for online and access immediately via its website on Wednesday 14 October. This is expected to significantly broaden the range of customers who will be able to use the Streams SaaS (“Software as a Service”) platform.

This development follows the announcement on 6 July stating the Company’s launch of SaaS services. Since then the Company has worked with a number of launch partners to refine the platform, which is now ready for broader release.

The launch of the SaaS insight platform (the “SaaS Platform”) was announced via RNS on 6 July, building on the technology developed under the terms of the Company’s existing JV arrangement with Krunch as set out in the Circular dated 6 November 2019 which is used in the existing bespoke service used by National Emergencies Trust (NET) and other clients.

Scalable ecommerce solution for SMEs

The new ‘Streams’ subscription service provides a scalable e-commerce solution for SMEs, which will be able to use the platform to enhance their marketing capabilities, and to address the problem of gathering data from and marketing to an increasingly fragmented media landscape.

The platform is built for anyone that has to create and use content to gain attention. That could be Content Marketers, digital creatives, Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”) specialists or those running their own businesses.

The typical steps in using the platform will be:

Discover – Search all major social media platforms for the best social content that can increase your engagement. The platform will allow any user to define a search for any product or service and see immediately what content is working across all major social media platforms, sort those results via different methods and share them with others.

Learn – Investigate hidden data that can improve your marketing. Learn which influencers that are the best match for the search or product category you are looking for.

Grow – Create your own workspaces to grow your ideas, track trends and improve your marketing reach and effectiveness. Streams reveals the content and outreach opportunities that will get you more likes, shares and comments.

Mobile Streams has been delivering content, globally, for over 20 years. The next stage of our journey is to use our knowledge, data and technology to enable everyone to find and make the best content for their audience. The rapid increase in online spending since the start of the pandemic means that effective digital marketing will become ever more vital for businesses in the post Covid-19 world. We expect to continue to enhance our Streams service, with ongoing development focused on meeting customer needs.

Target market

The initial launch of the English language version of the Stream SaaS platform will target the UK and US markets, which include over 36 million SMEs.

Marketing campaign

Our launch marketing consists of a significant digital marketing campaign across multiple channels and influencers. We also are proud to now have 55 launch partners, including 30 that have been previously announced, who have been given access to the platform from day one.

Price points

There will be 2 initial price points, with the choice of monthly or yearly subscription ranging from £10 to £30 per month, and a free 7-day trial version. All will be available for customers to purchase and access immediately via our new e-commerce platform on the Mobile Streams website www.mobilestreams.com from 9am on 14 October.

Nigel Burton, Chairman, said:

“This is a great moment for the business as we continue to transform the Company and grow a global SaaS offering. From 14 October we will have a SaaS platform that will be available worldwide and that can be purchased and used immediately to enable a broad range of customers to access tools which can significantly improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing.”

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