Micro-Cap Movers and Shakers From Tosh Lines, 22nd February 2020

Who lets the dogs out? Woof woof woof woof woof. Who lets the dogs out? Woof woof woof woof woof!

Crufts has started earlier than scheduled. What a week for some of the biggest dogs in the micro-cap world! I thought they’d been put down, but no, the mangy stray mutts came barking back into our lives this week.

First, there was TICKER: TYM, a tired scruffy-looking Spaniel with a gammy eye and a cough. On Tuesday it announced it had made progress on a Gold drilling project and the news sent the share price soaring from a low of 0.18p to a high of 0.90p. A whopping 400% increase. Lovely stuff. Oh, wait a minute, it seems it was just a ploy to create volume and help its CLN provider dump their stock into the rise and no doubt for a nice profit too. And true to form, dump their stock they did. The share price came crashing back down by the end of the week, closing at 0.34p.

And then there was TICKER: SRES, a 3-legged Alsatian with a missing testicle and a bad attitude. This pooch got pumped heavily on Tuesday too, clearly to help the participants of last week’s placing dump their shares. And dump their shares they did. The share price spiked 109% from a low of 0.11p to a high of 0.23p. And then quelle surprise it tanked all the way back down, closing the week at 0.11p.

Oh, and then on Wednesday it was TICKER: GWMO, a poodle with alopecia and the personality of a plant pot. Another classic pump and dump as, out of nowhere, the share price rose 200% from a low of 0.09p to a high of 0.27p. And on Thursday came the news of a placing, yep you guessed it, at 0.11p. Back down he went, here boy, walkies!

And here-in lies a lesson for all new Traders out there. Make sure you do your homework before you buy any penny share. These companies are not Apple, they are not Google, they are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, hence the share price of the above three examples is less than 1p!!!

And remember kids, there is nothing wrong in profiting from the above manipulation, as long as you aren’t the one doing the manipulating! I had a nice trade on TICKER: TYM, ok I felt dirty, but hey, who doesn’t like to feel dirty once in a while, we all love a bit of dogging don’t we. 😊

In other news, the FTSE AIM All-Share finally broke last year’s resistance (974), peaking this week at 978.05, before closing at 972.62. A sure sign that all is well out in the world of AIM. I hope you are all making some dosh from this resurgence.

Below are some of this week’s other movers, all of which provided a very healthy return:

TICKER: VITA jumped 58% from a low of 1.10p to a high of 1.74p

TICKER: BPC rose 55% from a low of 3p to a high of 4.65p

TICKER: VLS climbed 47% from a low of 4.6p to a high of 6.78p

TICKER: HDY jumped 50% from a low of 4p to a high of 6p

And I think its only right to end this week’s update with a look at the dog’s bollocks TICKER: NCYT. What a sensational performance from this love hound. Surely it has to be crowned winner of Crufts this year? Sat at 14p before it started to get pumped, this week it soared to a high of 222p before the world fell out of its arse and it tanked. Word to the wise, if you’re going to trade a penny share that has spiked over 1000% in 2 weeks on nothing more than hype and rumour, make sure you use a Stop Loss, as these types of play go down just as fast as they go up. I bet the folk who bought above 200p feel like they’ve been done up like a dog’s dinner!

And on that bombshell, it’s a dog’s life eh, I can’t wait for next week.

In a bit


Author: Tosh Lines

I am a full-time trader who focuses on micro-caps, a freelance writer, and when I am not staring at the screens I am most likely climbing 3 mountains in 1 day for charity 

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