Labskin Ezine Christmas 2021

Dear Gerard

2021 is coming to a close, and the Labskin Team would like to take this opportunity to thank partners and clients for their continued support. It was another eventful year in the Labskin calendar, with huge growth within the company to match the increased level of services on offer.

The team attended many virtual events and presented at a number of webinars to ensure that there could be continued collaboration and that discussions could be held between experts in the field.

In the first half of the year Labskin launched Remote Clinical Trials, providing a solution to the problem that in-person clinical trials had raised during the pandemic.

Labskin’s newest Whitepaper – An Introduction to the Vaginal Microbiome – was published along with a plethora of online blog content surrounding the microbiome, with skin microbiome as always to the fore.

Finally, the biggest achievement of 2021 was the launch of Labskin’s first consumer microbiome testing service – Skin Trust Club! Beginning in the UK & Ireland in the first half of 2021 and culminating in the launch in the USA in November. Further information on Skin Trust Club is available below.

Once more, the team would like to thank you all and best wishes for a Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year!

The Labskin Team

Labskin Introduces Skin Trust Club to the consumer market

With Labskin’s experience of 15 years developing lab-grown human skin models, we have developed a wealth of knowledge on the skin microbiome.  Our services have been focused primarily on industry and academic research and development, until now.

As consumers were unable to visit stores and dermatologists due to pandemic restrictions, we realised that they still wanted to understand their skin and how different microbiome-friendly products could help improve their skin health. With a combination of Labskin’s expertise in the skin microbiome accompanied by our innovative AI – Skin Trust Club was born!

A year in the making – Skin Trust Club in 2021


At the start of 2021, Labskin launched in the United Kingdom & Ireland with Skin Trust Club. The team designed an application for mobile users that can be used to track their skin health in real-time. 

Samples collected from the user’s remotely-swabbed skin are sent to the Labskin laboratories. This data, when combined with our innovative AI is used to create a personalised skincare analysis in the form of your unique microbiome score. This score will determine your bespoke skincare routine.

Originally launching on the Apple store in February, the much larger Android market followed quickly after. The app is downloaded to the users’ handset, and is used in conjunction with the Skin Trust Club website.

Skin Trust Club has partnered with a number of Labskin clients already prominent in the microbiome-friendly skincare market such as Tula, Gallinée, Aureila, Plantkos, Esse, Cannuka, BE+ Radiance, High Beauty, Nunaia with more coming on board at great pace.

Our partner’s products are suggested to Skin Trust Club users via the app, based on their personal skin microbiome score and unique skin type.

In October 2021, Skin Trust Club made it’s beauty award debut, sponsoring the prestigious Pure Beauty Awards in London. An amazing gala event was held and Skin Trust Club was honoured to be nominated in two categories. Skin Trust Club’s inaugural beauty award show was a great success with the new brand receiving a Highly Commended award in Best New Skincare Brand category!

The latter part of 2021 saw restrictions lifted on international travel and larger gatherings. The Labskin team were enthusiastic about taking Skin Trust Club to the United States and to have an in person launch at two conferences on both the East and the West coast!

To read a little more about this please follow the links below,

For more information on Skin Trust Club and how to become a partner, please contact your Labskin Account Manager directly or email the team directly at


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