Labour intends to impede the progress of fresh oil and gas ventures in the North Sea.

Labour’s prospective government, led by Sir Keir Starmer, is reportedly set to obstruct any forthcoming oil and gas advancements in the North Sea, as revealed in a recent report.

The Sunday Times mentioned that this announcement would be made by Sir Keir during his forthcoming presentation of a net-zero energy policy in Scotland next month.

The newspaper’s report further outlined Labour’s energy plans, stating that under Sir Keir’s leadership, the government would solely borrow funds for investment in environmentally friendly ventures. Additionally, Labour anticipates that their proposed initiatives would generate approximately half a million job opportunities within the renewable energy sector, with 50,000 of those expected to be in Scotland.

A source within the Labour Party shared with the Sunday Times that their stance opposes the issuance of fresh licenses for oil and gas operations in the North Sea. The source argued that such measures would have no impact on reducing energy costs, a point the Conservative party has acknowledged. Moreover, they claimed that these new developments would undermine the nation’s energy security and significantly impede progress towards meeting climate targets.

Nevertheless, the source clarified that Labour would continue utilizing existing oil and gas wells in the upcoming decades, implementing sustainable management practices, while simultaneously driving the transformation of the United Kingdom into a clean energy superpower.

During an interview with Sky News on Sunday, Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, expressed his party’s intention to unveil their plans for investing in future green employment opportunities in the upcoming weeks.

Ashworth emphasized that their approach does not involve abruptly terminating ongoing initiatives. Instead, they aim to establish sustainable management practices for existing developments. He stated, “We are aware that we need to transition to a greater reliance on renewable energy sources. This is crucial to fulfilling our climate change obligations while simultaneously reducing energy costs for consumers.”

The Labour representative highlighted the party’s commitment to striking a balance between environmental responsibility and economic considerations. Their objective is to foster the growth of green jobs while ensuring a smooth and sustainable transition towards renewable energy sources.

As stated in its preliminary energy strategy released in January, the Scottish Government indicated an inclination towards discouraging new oil and gas exploration. They emphasized the objective of facilitating a swift and equitable transition, highlighting the importance of prioritizing renewable energy sources and sustainable practices.

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