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Share Talk have followed Jeff Smith and his not-for-profit organisation Big Moose since he compered our Investor Show in Cardiff earlier this year. His latest (of many) projects was a small matter of climbing Mt Everest. We are a little late on this one (sorry!) but here is Jeff’s first blog since returning home having successfully completed his mission.

good morning 🙂
just so you can build a picture in your mind, i am sitting here in my office with a massive smile on my chops from ear to ear, which doesn’t seem to have left my face since 08:10 on the 26th May.
we only flipping did it!

the dream came true, it is now a reality, how amazingly cool, that together, we climbed to the top of the world.

firstly i must tell you, the view really was really worth the climb, it was actually better than i imagined, and because our mountain leader and my friend russell brice is a genius, we arrived on the summit with almost zero wind, which helped us no end to climb up and down with no frostbite, or other such injuries, thanks for looking after me russ.

the trip itself was pretty long, and tested my mettle, but i think i have returned from the himalaya a stronger person having survived the test.

i have so much to tell you, which i’m sure will spill into future blogs, but i think this week i will concentrate on thanking people, as without your help i genuinely wouldn’t have got on the plane.
so many people donated hard earned bangers to help me, and russ has been amazing allowing me to climb, with a view to paying him fully now i’m back, but more than that he never mentioned once that i was on the team without having actually paid in full, which was a real relief, and very kind.

so if you are reading this and were involved in helping me get to everest in any way, i would like to say a massive thank you, your effort truly made an impact, and hopefully i made you feel a little proud by getting to the top.

it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, and i did a talk for a company yesterday in manchester, where i played a short everest video chloe has put together, and it moved me pretty close to tears, and actually got an ovation at the end, which made me feel immensely proud, but as you know i am a bit of a tiny tears anyway, ha ha.

which reminds me, chloe, chloe, chloe!

chloe has been working with me for just over a year, and when i left on 29th march, she was tasked with running my business, handling all of our social media, providing everest info to folk, and running bigmoose day to day, a serious amount of graft.
she kept me distanced from pretty much everything, allowing me to concentrate and focus on the biggest challenge of my life, climbing to the top of the world, and for this i want to thank her here, as she was pivotal to my success, and as her dad i was proud when we summited mount kilimanjaro together when she was only 15, i was also proud when she handed over the cheque for £15,000 she raised singlehanded to barnardos, and i have been proud at many other times in her life, but the way she has handled herself while i was away shows that i was right to trust her, and that my masterplan to get her to spread her wings and fly has come to fruition, and i can’t wait to watch where she flies, and how high, i have a feeling this is just the beginning of the next chapter of her life, thank you so much chloe, xxx

the other members of my famalam have been amazing too, and now i’m back i realise the pressure they were under with me on the hill, so i am very sorry for worrying everybody.
i have made some lifelong friends on the hill this season, and my tent mate and roomy jo burke deserves a special mention, as we just hit it off, and he and i supported each other throughout the journey so well, and i think having a like minded person to talk to and share the experience with was fantastic, and we just seemed to always be laughing all the way, and i was especially pleased when we summited almost together, nice work roomy.

i will be putting together some pictures, and uploading the video chloe created to youtube so we can put it on here in coming weeks.

regarding bigmoose business, the coffee shop hit a couple of speed bumps while i was away, mainly a licensing issue, but it is still firmly on track, and we should be trading in 2017 hopefully, and the gig i did yesterday resulted in a five figure financial donation from the plc i presented to, which is pretty amazing, and i will expand on this story, soon, but joão andrade you rock!!!

so life post everest is pretty amazing, oh blimey i forgot, i’ve also booked a speaking gig at gchq, yes gchq, how radio rental is that, left field or what!!!

chloe has been booking our return visits to all the schools we visited pre everest, and the feedback has been better than i could have predicted, with teachers sharing the everest journey with the children in assembly’s, children and teachers crying when we summited, so the return trip should be brilliant, i am pretty excited to say the least.

so, enough about me, how are you?

have you been changing the world for good?

if yes, nice work

if no, let’s start today 🙂

we have a shed load of bigmoose stuff coming up which we will be announcing soon, so hopefully you can join us for an event or two, and we can rock the second half of ’17.

we are having a bit of a knees up on the 1st july to celebrate getting to the summit, and will have a band, new summit celebration beer, barbecue grub and some other fun stuff, and we may have contacted you already, but if you would like to come along, drop chloe a line at to put you on the guestlist.

so it’s good to be back, and i am so energised to drive bigmoose forward and upward, and i hope you come with us on the next stage of the adventure.

have a great weekend,

much love,

blue skies,


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Thank you!

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