Jeff Smith to compere Share Talk Investor Show 18 Feb, Cardiff

We are thrilled to announce that Jeff Smith will be the compere for Share Talk’s next Investor Show taking place at the National Museum in Cardiff on Saturday 18 February at 5pm. He won’t be dressed up quite like in the picture above (we think?) but he has an interesting story to tell. Read on to find out more…

Jeff’s story (in his own words):

My name is Jeff Smith, I am 53 years old, I have 2 false hips and I want to climb Mount Everest and inspire our future generation. I started climbing in 2010 and over the years have climbed many mountains raising money for charity (in total I have raised almost £100,000).

In 2014 I set off on a self funded trip to attempt to climb Mount Everest but after a huge avalanche on the mountain killed sixteen sherpa, the mountain was closed, our expedition was cancelled and I had to return home without achieving my dream.

Now in 2017 I am ready for this challenge again. Instead of fundraising this year I have decided that I want to use this journey as a force for good and talk to school children everywhere about ‘achieving their potential’. This time around I need to get sponsorship to pay for the trip however, after two main sponsors pulled out just 3 months before my date to leave I have been unsure if this trip was going to go ahead however, I then realised I need to practice what I’m preaching and ‘never give up.’

I have spoken to over one-thousand school children already, with many more schools in the diary to visit and I want to give this trip my best shot and prove to these children that if you really want something, work hard, prepare and never ever give up you will get there.

This is a huge challenge not only with the physical training but also now with the fight to get the money. With your help and donation I will be one step closer to, achieving my potential and highlighting to children everywhere that they too can achieve theirs with hard work and dedication.

What I Need & What You Get

For this trip to go ahead I need £25,000, this is to pay for flights, visas and all the ropes and guides needed to ensure a safe trip.

I am asking for anybody out there who may want to help me with the challenge of raising this money to please ‘sponsor a mile’ of my journey to Everest, I am charging £5 a mile with 5155 miles to sell, all money will go directly to the everest journey and will contribute to growing and inspiring the minds of school children across the uk.

I have put together lots of perks, with things being brought home from Nepal, postcards being sent and photos being taken and signed from different sections of the mountain.

I would absolutely love to have you on board for this trip and I hope you see the power of inspiring children to follow their dreams as important as I do.

Please share this journey with your friends and lets teach the future generation that:

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

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