Iconic Labs PLC (ICON.L) Partnership with leading Ad-tech tech provider

Iconic Labs Plc (LSE:ICON), a multidivisional new media and technology business, today announces that after a successful trial Iconic Labs has signed a commercial partnership agreement with Glimpse Protocol, a leading provider of advanced technologies to Ad-tech.

This partnership will allow Iconic Labs to be well-positioned to become industry leaders in the cookieless advertising space and future proof this part of the Company’s business. Glimpse Protocol will benefit from Iconic Labs advertising experience and access to multiple platforms, including to trial their technology.

Glimpse Protocol will compete for programmatic inventory on the Iconic Labs platforms with other advertisers and will not receive any discount to market rate. This offering will allow programmatic advertisers to comply with GDPR and internal policies while still conducting effective advertising.

Iconic Labs will use the Glimpse Protocol’s technology on all of their owned and operated platforms including JOE Media where the Glimpse Protocol platform will be tested and monitored in real time. The Glimpse Protocol platform is currently live on TLE, protecting 1.5million readers so far from their browsing information being obtained by other parties.

In addition to the operational benefits that it provides, it has been agreed that warrants will be issued to Iconic Labs in recognition of their market access and wider advisory support. The warrants entitle Iconic Labs to subscribe for such number of ordinary shares in the capital of Glimpse Protocol, which shall be equal to 1.25% of its issued equity and which are exercisable at a discount to the subscription price payable for ordinary shares on any future sale or capital raise undertaken by Glimpse Protocol.

Glimpse Protocol are a market leader in data protection using frontier technologies. Their cookieless platform uses two forms of advanced cryptography to protect consumers’ personal internet browsing data from being seen, read, transferred, sold or recycled by another party.

Google have recently announced within 2 years their chrome browser will no longer be using cookies which store personal browsing data on your PC/Phone. Apple have also taken a similar approach with their safari browser.

Samuel Regan Asante COO of Iconic Labs – “We are very pleased to announce a partnership with Glimpse Protocol who are leading the way in cookie-less technologies within the AdTech industry. Iconic Labs is aiming to establish itself as a leader in both the tech and media fields and Glimpse Protocol’s technology presents the perfect balance of the two. With Glimpse Protocol’s existing partnership with The Founder’s Factory we’re excited about their future as a leader in the industry.”

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