Genedrive® MT-RNR1 ID Kit Product – Video

World’s first point of care genetic test used to influence neonatal management in an acute setting and reduce aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss​​

Prevention – reduces the likelihood of aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss

Rapid results – point-of-care genetic test yields results in 30 minutes

Simple to use – by healthcare professionals with minimal training

An in vitro diagnostic (IVD) molecular assay for use in human buccal cells

The Genedrive® MT-RNR1 ID Kit used in conjunction with the Genedrive® System provides an automated result of an individual’s MT-RNR1 m.1555 variant status to inform the clinician ahead of antibiotic treatment decisions. ​

The Genedrive® MT-RNR1 ID Kit is intended to be used by healthcare professionals within a near patient setting.​

The Genedrive® System is a compact benchtop system that provides rapid nucleic amplification, detection and result reporting without the need for data interpretation

  • Reduces the likelihood of aminoglycoside induced hearing loss
  • Provides a clear patient benefit by informing the clinician ahead of prescription
  • Rapid genetic screening prior to aminoglycoside treatment

Individuals with the MT-RNR1 m.1555A>G variant develop profound irreversible hearing loss if exposed to aminoglycoside – population-based studies estimate prevalence of 1:500 (0.2%)

  • Single use, cost effective test for use by healthcare professionals with minimal training
  • Easy adoption into existing neonatal admissions process to inform clinicians ahead of antibiotic treatment decisions
  • Non-invasive test using buccal swabs from the inner cheek

First NHS Deployments of Genedrive System for AIHL



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