FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up 23rd November 2018

Here’s how Airtable’s Howie Liu built a $1B software giant by emphasizing substance over speed
Workplace collaboration startup Airtable is a billion dollar company after its latest round of funding, but it didn’t get there by moving fast. Instead, CEO Howie Liu has implemented a culture focused on quality first – and it’s paid off.

What happens when a founder is fully vested?
Knowing how to handle a founder that’s recently fully vested all of their shares can be a difficult task for any startup. This piece outlines the key considerations to take into account when designing an equity program, and how to handle share vesting of key employees.

This is why (and how) Soapbox started a growth team within its 28-person startup
Especially among startups, a dedicated growth team is becoming a must-have. It’s the key to scaling quickly and boosting user adoption rapidly, all while building a cohesive community around one’s product or service.

With more investment than ever pouring in, travel startups are taking off globally
Travel startups have raised more than $1B in funding in the past half-decade alone – and its emblematic of a wider trend that’s seeing consumers shift towards an economy of investing in experiences rather than consumer goods.

Here’s how Superhuman built an engine to find its product-market fit
Product-market fit is the key to almost every startup success (and failure). Achieving it is every founder’s primary goal, yet getting there can be difficult. This interview reveals how one company successfully built an engine to find its own product-market fit automatically.

DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis reveals his darkest moment
In a new interview, the founder of DeepMind (now a part of Google) goes in-depth on his toughest years when starting up the company, and the key lessons he learned as a result of his biggest challenges on the project.

Inside the four scenarios of startup timing
Timing is one of the most important factors in every startup’s success or failure. To capitalize on a billion-dollar opportunity, it’s critical to find a market that’s small today, but growing quickly – and then react.

What does a founder’s email address say about a startup? (a lot, actually)
What’s in a name? A lot, actually, and the same can be said for email addresses. Analyzing a startup founder’s email address can give one some important clues on what a company might be like, even before meeting with them.

Is there really just one right way to build a startup?
Building a startup is a difficult task, and the truth is, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. That’s why more companies have been leveraging CaaS (company as a service) platforms as a way to get up and running quickly.

Amazon’s new headquarters probably isn’t going to ignite a startup boom on the East Coast
The internet giant has just announced the locations for its new headquarters, but researchers are already cautioning against the assumption that an influx of tech talent will lead to a spawn of new startups.


  • Fintech startup Clearbanc has just raised $70M in funding.  Link
  • Softbank is backing AI startup Automation Anywhere at a $2.6B valuation. Link
  • Here’s a great guide from Refactoring UI on how to build your company color palette. Link
  • Coursera’s co-founder is launching an AI class for business professionals. Link
  • Meet Founder AT, a new worldwide network for founders. Link
  • Meet the US’s 34 newest startup unicorns this year. Link
  • Lime is set to expand into car-sharing in Seattle. Link
  • Amazon has officially chosen locations in New York City and Northern Virginia for its new headquarters. Link
  • Servicetitan has just raised $165M in funding at a $1.65B valuation. Link
  • Bain Capital Ventures has raised a new $1B fund for SaaS, fintech, and health startups. Link


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