FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 23rd March 2019

ChangeAngel employs innovative blockchain solutions to enhance its platform, develop new products and promote dApp integration. Currently, they are using AntumID/Digi-ID for sign-in/sign-up authentication. AntumID is powered by DigiByte Blockchain technology. is a crypto to crypto, wallet to wallet, no-custody, swap exchange service. The first currencies to be listed for direct swapping are DGB, POT, GRS, DOGE, DCR, LTC, BTC, ETH and USDC.

The World Wide Web’s founder is on a mission to transform the internet (again)
Founder of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee has become dismayed at how centralized power on the internet has become, and to that end, he’s launching a new startup that aims to put user data back in the hands of the users themselves.

How ServiceTitan became a billion-dollar plumbing startup

At first glance, the plumbing industry isn’t incredibly exciting to most – but that represented a huge opportunity to entrepreneurs Vape Kuzoyan and Are Mahdessian, who created the industry’s first true SaaS platform.

Check out these 9 habits of world-class startups

In this piece, James Currier of FX Partners shares his key ingredients for startup success. Flexible curiosity, network effects, and finding a compelling story to tell are all explored in greater detail here.

Why the next tech boom will be led by a different type of founder

MBAs and hackers have long been the dominant forces behind the startup boom of the past decade, but that trend is changing. More VCs are seeing founders from non-traditional backgrounds (like education or healthcare) starting up their own groundbreaking companies as well.

This is a great profile of Ivan Zhao, a founder who’s building the next Slack competitor

Notion has quickly become one of the most disruptive startups in the workplace collaboration space. It’s led by Ivan Zhao, a product designer who’s hell-bent on creating the most customizable, elegant productivity tool possible.

Here’s why Y Combinator is betting on the podcast industry to drive growth

The startup accelerator recently made a strategic investment in Brew, a promising podcasting platform for paid content. The investment is indicative of the firm’s increasing focus on the paid podcast industry, which is set to see exponential growth over the next five years.

Doing the Enough Thing: an interview with Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

In this wide-ranging discussion, Fried gives a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Basecamp and his philosophy for doing meaningful work and making a difference in society while running a profitable business.

Meet the 85 startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s W19 Demo Day

This year’s batch of Y Combinator startups is set to be its largest yet. And it’s a diverse group too, with founders working on fascinating projects ranging from AI-as-a-service to instant oncology diagnostics.

In a new speech at Stanford, WhatsApp’s co-founder is imploring users to delete Facebook

After falling out with Mark Zuckerberg over privacy concerns, now Brian Acton is on a crusade to get more users than ever to leave Facebook – starting with a speech this week to university students at Stanford.

Here’s how Emetti over-complicated its new product – and what they did next to solve it

Emetti’s founders overengineered their product in its early days, and in this piece, they explain how they went back to the basics to simplify both their UX and their business model.


  • UPshow lands $6M to grow its TV-powered engagement platform for restaurants, gyms and healthcare facilities.  Link
  • Airbnb is reportedly considering making a strategic investment in Oyo.  Link
  • This is a great thread from Adam Draper on why startups die.  Link
  • Starbucks is launching a $100M venture fund to invest in food and retail startups.  Link
  • Visualizing the evolution of a startup’s codebase over 4 years.  Link
  • Use to instantly remove the background from any image.  Link
  • Instarem has just closed $41M in Series C funding to fuel its global growth.  Link
  • Travis Kalanick’s 10100 Fund is investing $7.6M in Kargo.  Link
  • This is a great interview with David Heinemeier Hansson, founder of Ruby on Rails.  Link
  • Investor Intelligence is a great resource for raising capital for your startup.  Link




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