FoundersGrid Weekly News Round Up, 1st March 2019

After launching to great fanfare just three months ago, Baremetrics is shutting down its Intros product.

The bloody tale of Ambrosia, the startup that wants to slow aging
This is a fascinating piece which details the backstory of Ambrosia, a medtech startup that was looking to slow the process of aging through advanced blood technology and ran into serious hurdles with the FDA.

Here’s why one startup founder left his multimillion-dollar business on a search for resilience
After co-founding Buffer, Leo Widrich had millions in revenue and thousands of users – but it wasn’t enough. Instead, he quit Buffer and embarked on his own journey of living in the woods, hoping to resurface his own resilience and find his next opportunity.

Baremetrics’ post-mortem on shutting down a product they just launched months ago
After launching to great fanfare just three months ago, Baremetrics is shutting down its Intros product. As this piece from Baremetrics’ CEO details, this was primarily due to a misalignment in pricing – and it provides some great tips for entrepreneurs.

Lessons learned from a lifetime of bootstrapping with Drip and Tinyseed
This interview with Rob Walling dives deep into how he started and sold his email marketing company for eight figures, and then started TinySeed – a startup accelerator designed exclusively for bootstrappers.

Despite recent challenges, Founders Fund is continuing to rack up outside returns
Founders Fund has seen several partners leave in recent years, but it remains the premier VC firm in Silicon Valley. Recent documents reviewed by the WSJ reveal that the firm continues to outperform the competition, sometimes by a margin of 3X or more.

Joining a new startup? Here’s why creating milestones is the best way to ensure success
Joining a brand-new startup can be daunting, even for seasoned entrepreneurs. That makes setting milestones even more important, as they provide a healthy way to stretch oneself in a new role, all while helping grow any business.

From PM to VC: inside Amy Sun’s first year at Sequoia
This is a great look inside what it’s like to work at Sequoia, one of the largest investors in the startup space today. It’s also a helpful contrast of the differences between running a company and investing in one.

On the importance of SaaS (Status as a Service) platforms
Social networks have evolved from offering a way to communicate, to offering “status as a service”. The result has been a marked shift in consumer behavior, and founders would do well to tailor their platforms to this change in the market.

Here are four startup engineering killers to avoid
Startup engineering is entirely different from developing for an enterprise business. It requires short and long-term thinking at the same time, and this guide outlines some of the key pitfalls to avoid.

Is being a VC-backed startup really compatible with an open-source business model?
Getting VC funding is often a great way to grow, but when it comes to running an open-source business, its goals of profit above all else can sometimes clash with an organization’s founding values.


  • Check out this massive roundup of 2019 remote worker salaries.  Link
  • This is a great podcast with entrepreneur Justin Kan on venture capital, startups, and more.  Link
  • Lambda School is hiring for 30+ roles across marketing and design.  Link
  • Twitter co-founder Ev Williams is stepping down from its board.  Link
  • Use this simple tool to figure out how many customers you need to earn.  Link
  • AI learning app Elsa has just landed $7M in funding.  Link
  • Facebook’s tracking will still follow users even when privacy settings are dialed up.  Link
  • Applications for Reforge’s spring cohort are now open.  Link
  • Here’s what Keith Rabois thinks about basically everything.  Link
  • Workplace by Facebook reportedly now has more than 2M paid users.  Link



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