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Gmail’s biggest redesign yet is now live
After months of anticipation, the world’s most widely used email app has now received most significant facelift yet. Along with an entirely redesigned sidebar and interface, the app also has a number of new features – including integrated rights management, two-factor authentication, and email snoozing.

Revolut has raised an unprecedented $250m at a $1.7b valuation
The London-based fintech firm has just raised its largest round of funding yet. Led by investment firm DST Global, the $250m in funding will give Revolut ample runway to continue building out its platform and increase hiring, while embarking on a new phase of international expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

How Buffer Grew Their YouTube Channel by 59% in 30 Days
Social media management startup Buffer grew its YouTube subscribers exponentially in just a matter of days, but most of the traction was gained by just five videos. In this case study, the Buffer team reveals how they used YouTube SEO to supercharge the traffic to their page, and increase subscriptions in the process.

Entrepreneurs and would-be founders should spend more time thinking about equity
In this piece from Jessica Livingstone, cofounder of Y Combinator, she dives deep into why thinking about equity is important for entrepreneurs and cofounders alike. It’s often a more efficient way to build wealth than linear salary gains, and is something that’s worth deeply considering before starting one’s next venture.

Here’s why Jeff Bezos banned PowerPoint in meetings – and what he uses as a replacement
Amazon is famous for having one of the tech industry’s most creative and efficient workforces – and at the heart of that efficiency might be its aversion to PowerPoint. CEO Jeff Bezos has famously banned PowerPoint from meetings in favor of narrative-style “memos”, which he believes help one think more deeply about a subject, while also becoming better equipped to speak on it in a meeting.

Inside the process of how great apps are made
These days, almost anyone can create an app – but there are a few key elements of the app creation process that separate the truly innovative app builders from the mediocre ones. Having a knowledgeable workforce and being able to effectively communicate problems to users are both critical, as is using a test-driven development methodology.

This entrepreneur has a revolutionary invention for cleaning the world’s oceans
24-year old entrepreneur Boyan Slat has created a truly innovative way to clean up the world’s oceans, and his new creation is just about to set sail. His invention uses a massive metal tube and an advanced filtering system to trawl the oceans for trash, and is set to be tested in San Francisco Bay in the coming weeks.

Here’s why now is the perfect time for an RSS renaissance
For years, RSS has been relegated to second-tier status for news consumption, amid a flood of newsfeed options from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But now could be the right time for it to make a comeback, as it eliminates some of the most unsavory parts of the user experience (like ads), while displaying news in a more efficient format than most websites.

Meet the gamers who hacked Microsoft, and then took it too far
After a group of teen gamers managed to hack into Microsoft’s video game empire, the technology giant’s security team was left scrambling to figure out what went wrong. Their findings led to a revamp of the firm’s security architecture, as well as an embarrassing data breach that involved a massive theft of gaming software.


  • Instagram rolls out “Data Download” tool for those that want to leave. Link
  • AdTech startup BuySellAds has purchased Digg for an undisclosed amount. Link
  • Yahoo was just fined $35m for a massive, undisclosed cyber theft. Link
  • Microsoft has just made all of its AI training courses available to the general public. Link
  • Amazon surprised investors by doubling its expected profit in Q1 this year. Link
  • Square is set to acquire website-building firm Weebly for $365m. Link
  • Trello has just rolled out a refreshed newsfeed and new features. Link
  • PayPal is leading a $44m funding round for Dosh, the quickly-growing fintech startup. Link
  • Ecommerce startup BigCommerce has just raised $64m in growth funding. Link
  • Join the Trend Hunter Innovation Conference in London on July 5th. Link
  • WeWork is hiring a Community Events Lead in New York. Link
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