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Here’s how 20-year old Kylie Jenner built a $900M fortune in just 3 years. Kylie Jenner is just 20 years old, but she’s already on track to become the youngest female billionaire ever. This story dives deep into how she grew her cosmetics brand from zero customers to millions in just several years.


What happens when you sell your startup? A guide to liquidation events
When looking to sell one’s startup, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. This guide breaks down what to prioritize and keep in mind when approaching a significant liquidity event, such as a sale or merger.

This milk startup is looking to disrupt a world of 300M cows
India’s dairy industry is massive, inefficient, and ripe for disruption. One startup, Milk Mantra, is looking to do just that by using big data and insights to improve the quality of milk (and its supply chain) across the country.

Here’s how 20-year old Kylie Jenner built a $900M fortune in just 3 years
Kylie Jenner is just 20 years old, but she’s already on track to become the youngest female billionaire ever. This story dives deep into how she grew her cosmetics brand from zero customers to millions in just several years.

Read this excellent AMA with Marc Andreesen on pitching your startup to investors
This wide-ranging interview with the legendary investor covers how to approach raising money from VCs, as well as his key advice for founders that are looking to raise investment for the very first time.

When running a startup, having good timing makes a massive difference
Venture capital firm NFX has developed what it calls “The Critical Mass Theory for Startups”. It’s a paradigm that defines for each startup when is best to enter a given market – and it’s all dependent on good timing.

The average age of successful founders is 45 – debunking the myth of the young entrepreneur
A recent study done by Harvard found that the average age of successful founders is far higher than originally anticipated. It’s illustrative of the fact that older founders are more likely to succeed, despite VCs historically betting more money on younger founders.

As a founder, don’t fall into the trap of believing your own BS
Every founder, given enough confidence, is capable of creating their own “reality distortion field”. This is truly an asset, but without self-awareness, it can end up becoming a liability in the long run – take care to avoid this trap.

Here’s why actionable results are more valuable than perfect ideas
This video with Shane Murphy (founder of Founded Technologies) does a great job of breaking down why achieving actionable results early on in one’s startup is often more important than settling on a perfect idea.

Inside how Netflix went from a scrappy startup to TV-swallowing behemoth
Just under two decades ago, Netflix was a tiny startup in a world of conventional media companies. Its steady ascent to the top of the media world is a fascinating story of how consistent innovation and execution are the key to every organization’s success.

These are some great lessons learned from scaling a crowdfunding business to $6K/month
In this interview, Giles Davis, founder of Hyperstarter, reveals the mistakes made and lessons learned en route to building a $6K/month crowdfunding business that has a distributed team scattered across the UK and China.


  • Index Ventures has raised $1.65B for its two new funds. Link
  • This startup can teach a car to drive itself in just 20 minutes. Link
  • Project Pegasus is a platform that’s making getting angel funding more efficient than ever. Link
  • Twitter is set to purge millions of fake followers from its platform this weekend. Link
  • Paidy has just raised $55M in funding in an investment round led by Goldman Sachs. Link
  • The Pentagon has just funded two promising flying car startups. Link
  • Meet FoundersBelt, a curated pack of resources for each stage of your startup. Link
  • Funding for fintech startups in the US soared by more than 40% last quarter. Link
  • Lime is hiring a Growth Manager in San Francisco. Link
  • Visit DMEXCO in Cologne from September 12-13. Link

We are launching a new newsletter today covering the tech and startup ecosystem in Asia, with a similar format to this newsletter and CryptoWeekly.

Why Asia? The region is now arguably the most dynamic market in the world for entrepreneurs, driven by fresh waves of funding, increased government support for startups, and burgeoning tech ecosystems in most major cities.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • Asia recently overtook North America as the most active market for VCs globally
  • Chinese investors poured $6B into AI startups last year – more than any other country
  • 9 of the top 10 VC deals completed in Q1 of this year were in Asia
  • Southeast Asia consumers spend 3.6 hours a day on mobile internet, more than any other market globally

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