ECR Minerals plc (AIM:ECR) Two Mineralisation Corridors Identified in Hole BH3DD032 at Bailieston, Victoria

ECR Minerals plc (LON: ECR), the exploration and development company focused on gold in Australia, is pleased to announce the final gold results from the 2022 drill program at the HR3 prospect at Bailieston.

ECR Minerals plc has 100% ownership of the Bailieston Project (EL5433), which contains the gold prospects known as HR3, Cherry Tree, Blue Moon and Black Cat. The projects are operated by ECR’s Australian wholly owned subsidiary Mercator Gold Australia Pty Ltd (“MGA”).

ECR CEO Andrew Haythorpe commented: Some very encouraging grades have emerged from these results, and in particular the average of 9.01g/t over 4m at hole BH3DD043 could very likely result in follow up work, which is supported by our Technical Director Adam Jones. We will now evaluate this full dataset, decide on the next steps and report back in due course.”

“Drilling at Blue Moon is progressing and I look forward to reporting the lab results back to you as soon as they arrive.”


  • Best results in BH3DD043 with a composited grade of 9.01 g/t Au over a drilled width of 4 metres.
  • Further results from the Maori Anticline include 1m @ 4.96 g/t Au (BH3DD042) at a depth of 273m
  • Multiple intersections along strike of the Scoulers Reef including 0.2m @ 9.22 g/t Au (BH3DD042), 0.5m @ 4.55 g/t Au (BH3DD037) and 1m @ 3.34 g/t Au (BH3DD038)

A plan of the HR3 Goldfield and the location of this reported drilling with the 10 ten intercepts can be found here:

Fig 1:


ECR Minerals have been drilling targets throughout 2022 on their Bailieston tenements located in Victoria, Australia. Our drilling activity has been predominantly within the HR3 Goldfield, focussed on the main NNW striking gold-quartz mineralised systems including Byron Reef, Scoulers Reef and the Maori Reef. Initial drilling by ECR in 2021 focussed on the Byron Reef and indicated that gold mineralisation was not continuous (see RNS 1 below).

In early 2022 the focus shifted to the Maori Reef which is the most easternly known vein system within the HR3 Goldfield. ECR geologists concluded that the Maori Reef is hosted within an anticlinal fold now called the ‘Maori Anticline’. Early drilling into this anticline has been successful (Holes BH3DD009, BH3DD010 and BH3DD011). Drilling continued to follow the anticlinal fold to the north and in depth with successful intersections in holes BH3DD019, BH3DD012 and BH3DD034, which contained visible gold (see RNS dated 22 November 2021 for more details of these drill hole results, a link of which is also set out below).

The reported drill results in this announcement are for the final drilling completed to date at HR3 to follow up the best results adjacent to hole BH3DD034 and include additional test drilling into the parallel quartz reef systems. Drilling was completed at the end of July 2022. Final results have just been received after long delays in laboratory turn-around due predominantly to issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous Drill Results for HR3

Previously released drill results from HR3 include:

1. 22 December 2021 – BH3DD010, BH3DD011;

2. 23 December 2021 – Bailieston (HR3) Soil Sampling

3. 14 March 2022 – BH3DD012, BH3DD034 (Visible Gold)

4. 22 April 2022 – BH3DD027 (Hard-Up Reef)


A total of eight holes were drilled in this final stage of drilling, and a summary of the work and associated results are set out below. Full details of the drill results are set out at the end of this announcement:


BH3DD036 was drilled underneath the north end of the Maori Reef at the point where historical workings ended. The Maori Anticline was passed through at 92m where the hinge faulted. The best result was 0.3m @ 0.28 g/t Au from 176m. Drilling ended at a depth of 206.55m


The drill team moved to the centre of the HR3 Goldfield to test the Scoulers Reef near the surface. A selected number of the following drillholes were also extended to test the Maori Anticline at depth. BH3DD037 drilled underneath the coincidental reported soil ‘Anomaly C’ (see RNS dated 23 December 2021, a link for which is above)and the location of earlier high-grade rock chips. Drilling results show a broad zone of lower grade mineralisation (see Table 2 below). The best intersection was 0.5m @ 4.55 g/t Au from 33.6m which relates to the Scoulers Reef. The hole ended at 115.8m.


This hole drilled towards the east, passing through the Scoulers Reef at 27m depth and the Maori Anticline at 280m depth. The best intercept was 1m @ 3.34 g/t Au from 27m. A speck of visible gold was noted in thin quartz veinlets at 175.8m, however this was not reflected in the sampled grade of (0.4m @ 0.42 g/t Au from 175.8m). Drilling ended at a depth of 308.5m.


Hole BH3DD039 was drilled underneath soil anomaly ‘B’ as reported in December 2021 (see RNS dated 23 December 2021, a link for which is above). Despite the presence of anomalous gold, no significant results greater than 1 g/t Au where intersected. Best result was 1m @ 0.96 g/t Au from 62.7m. This hole finished drilling at 140.8m.


This hole was drilled towards the intersection of the Maori and Hard-Up Reef at depth. The Maori Reef was intersected at 242.3m with a grade of 1.96 g/t Au over a length of 0.35m. The best result from this hole was from the Scoulers Reef with 0.4m @ 3.99 g/t Au from 13.6m depth. This hole ended at 275.1m


Whilst drilling continued towards the east into the Maori Antcline and Scoulers Reef, the decision was taken to drill a preliminary hole into the Byron Reef to the south of the old Byron Mine (see figure 1 above) after locating an exploration percussion hole from an earlier phase of exploration in the 1980’s. Historical documentation showed the hole BLP140 had previously yielded 3m @ 28 g/t Au from 33m. ECR’s drilling revealed the presence of a major shear zone containing sulphide and quartz mineralisation around 104m in depth. No significant gold was intercepted with the best result being 0.4m @ 0.53 g/t Au from 64.6m. This hole finished at 139.8m


This hole was intended to drill deep into the Maori Anticline underneath the previous drilling of BH3DD017 and BH3DD012. The anticline was successfully identified at 273m where mineralisation was sampled returning 1m @ 4.96 g/t Au. The Scoulers Reef was also intersected in the upper portion of this hole with an intercept of 0.2m @ 9.22 g/t Au from 41.1m drill depth. This hole ended at 356.6m.


Hole BH3DD043 was the last drill hole completed at HR3 this year. The hole was intentionally drilled to intercept the Maori Anticline approximately 25m to the immediate north of nearby drillholes BH3DD034, BH3DD035 and BH3DD019. The best mineralisation drilled was identified in a footwall vein to the Maori Anticline, with best intercepts beginning at a depth of 54m including 1m @ 4.82 g/t Au followed immediately by adjacent high-grade intercepts of 1m @ 5.54 g/t Au, 1m @ 9.79 g/t Au and 1m @ 15.91 g/t Au. This high-grade zone represents a length-weighted composite grade of 4m @ 9.01 g/t Au. This is the best length multiplied by grade intercept drilled to date in HR3. Drilling ended at a final depth of 194.5m.


Drilling at HR3 throughout the 2021-2022 period has been largely successful. Notable outcomes include:

  1. Identifying the Maori Anticline as a major host to gold mineralisation at the HR3 Goldfield.
  2. Initial high-grade intercepts located underneath the Maori Reef,Hard-Up Reef intersections.
  3. Locating and testing gold mineralisation at depth and strike within the Maori Anticline. An approximate strike length of 300m has now been initially drilled. Mineralisation is open along strike to the north and south.
  4. Exploration work during this period has also successfully identified a close spatial relationship of high arsenic (Arsenopyrite) and high antimony (Stibnite) ratios as pathfinders to gold mineralisation.

Table 1. Summary of the top ten drill intercepts containing reportable levels of gold for holes BH3DD036-BH3DD043. Arranged by hole name and depth.

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