Deepverge PLC (DVRG.L) Comment on detection of COVID-19 in UK Sewage

DeepVerge notes press commentary today that wastewater treatment sites in England, Wales and Scotland will start testing more sewage for coronavirus, with the aim of creating an early warning system to detect local outbreaks before they spread.

DeepVerge has been working with multiple universities and wastewater utilities since June this year on COVID-19 related projects. The Company is involved in many projects in the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Michigan, US, Shanghai, China and Japan.

Currently, in its Labskin laboratories in York, the Company is retrofitting Microtox equipment, from Modern Water plc (a company currently the subject of a recommended offer by DeepVerge) to install these projects.

Gerard Brandon CEO of DeepVerge Commented:

“The UK forms part of our COVID-19 real-time detection development strategy, cooperating with Modern Water plc supply chain and existing installation network in more than 60 countries. We continue to work with ourEcoSystemOSconsortium partners in the UK and overseas to bring advanced AI-based wastewater detection and pathogen identification projects from manual to automated real-time testing.”

About DeepVerge plc (

DeepVerge is a scientific research and AI-as-a-Service company focused on production and analysis of bacteria, virus and toxins utilising artificial intelligent data analytics in regulatory technology, from scientifically proving the impact of skincare product claims on skin microbiome for top 10 global cosmetic company clients to remotely detecting water contamination in real-time.

About Modern Water

Modern Water was established in 2006 to develop and commercialise water recovery technologies to counter water crisis problems arising from climate change and a growing global population. Having invested 20m over the last 14 years, the results comprise a robust patent portfolio of cutting-edge technology, focused on monitoring of contaminated water and decontamination of wastewater, making recycling of water more efficient. Six countries across the world have legislated that Modern Water monitoring test systems are written into their environmental protection legislation.

About EcoSystemOS (

Developed by the Rinocloud division of DeepVerge, this is a consortium of partners operating a live dynamic water management system that delivers safe clear water from rivers to wastewater treatment plants using Artificial Intelligence to provide instant alerts from remote sensors direct to stakeholders. It continuously evolves, learns and improves by bringing together multiple existing and smart technologies to create efficient water and deliver environmental protection. Over-the-air monitoring keeps stakeholders constantly up to date with web and mobile alert applications adapted for each group.

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