CryptoWeekly Round Up, 3rd March 2019

The London Stock Exchange is leading a $15M funding round for crypto automation platform Nivaura

Coinbase is responding to questions about its controversial acquisition of Neutrino
The crypto community went up in arms after Coinbase acquired blockchain intelligence platform Neutrino. After the acquisition, it emerged that many members of the Neutrino team were part of a hacking group that actively worked with authoritarian governments to limit free speech. With this revelation running counter to Coinbase’s image of promoting a free and open web, many are demanding answers or in some cases, boycotting the crypto exchange altogether. For its part, Coinbase is framing the acquisition as primarily a technology play, but an increasing number of users remain skeptical of an apparently failed due diligence process.Here’s why Venezuela’s cryptocurrency represents a big problem for the industry
Governments are attempting to use cryptocurrencies to subvert the invention’s original purpose, and this is concerning. The Venezuelan regime is now trying to use its cryptocurrency, the Petro, to prop up the country’s ailing economy – and secure funds from individuals and organizations that are off the grid. Crypto adoption continues to grow in Venezuela, but as this research from Jill Carlson shows, that’s not necessarily a good thing.Facebook and Telegram are hoping to succeed where Bitcoin failed
Facebook’s rumored cryptocurrency is reportedly so far along in development that the social networking giant is already in discussions with multiple exchanges on what a listing would look like. Facebook has dozens of engineers working on the project, and it’s looking at leveraging blockchain for everything from authentication to payments. Telegram is also in the latter stages of development of its own cryptocurrency, and analysts are already pondering what the market impact could be once both tokens are listed on exchanges worldwide.Coinbase is finally set to list Ripple – here’s why that could be a huge deal for crypto
This week, Coinbase announced that it would be listing Ripple’s XRP on its Coinbase Pro exchange. Without a doubt the most significant listing in crypto so far this year, right now the change is transfer-only, with additional functionality like limit-only orders and full trading coming later in the month. The listing also lends legitimacy to XRP, which has struggled to gain traction in the market outside of a small (but growing) pool of institutional clients.

Now customers are searching for Quadriga’s missing millions
Recognizing that authorities could take years to recover the millions in funds missing from beleaguered crypto exchange QuadrigaCX, customers are taking matters into their own hands. A coalition of former Quadriga customers is now scouring the web for clues to where their funds might’ve gone, and other crypto businesses are chipping in to help too – Kraken has even launched a $100K bounty program for any information leading to the recovery of the missing coins.

Here are the key variables for success in algorithmic crypto trading
This report from Galois Capital outlines how trading algorithms are implemented in the crypto space, as well as the unique properties of each trading strategy. When it comes to algorithmic trading, speed is paramount – and that has an impact on each trade’s queue position as well. The piece also explains why things like Order Book Deltas and Black Boxes can prove to be an impediment for some algorithms, if not addressed in an effective manner.

Will IOST turn out to be the biggest blockchain gaming network of all?
China-based Internet of Services Token (IOST) has just launched its mainnet blockchain network, and it already has more than 150 partners onboard. This makes it a direct competitor to the likes of Ethereum and EOS, and it’s led by 500 Startups alumni Jimmy Zhong, who already has a solid startup track record. The mainnet launch is reportedly taking place six months ahead of schedule, and for the foreseeable future will be focused solely on consumer-facing applications.

Tron’s hard fork this week is laying the foundation for institutional investment
This week, Tron underwent its most significant hard fork to date. Released just yesterday, the new update gives the platform multi-sig capabilities and better scalability and security. According to Tron CEO Justin Sun, this hard fork is necessary to make the network ready for institutional investors and better handle its rapidly-growing customer base.


  • We just added 188 crypto/blockchain companies, 2 crypto exchanges and new 2 crypto VC’s to CryptoList. Link
  • Here’s a handy list of the top 170+ VC’s and hedge funds investing in crypto and blockchain companies right now. Link
  • Meet Koinex Express, the instant converter for Lightning swaps. Link
  • Crypto mining service Coinhive is reportedly shutting down after a prolonged bear market. Link
  • Zebpay has just announced no-limit, zero-fee trading on its exchange. Link
  • Square customers reportedly purchased $52M worth of Bitcoin through its app last quarter. Link
  • Electroneum has just launched a crypto-mining smartphone at this year’s MWC. Link
  • Russia is set to follow in Venezuela’s footsteps and launch its own oil-backed cryptocurrency. Link
  • The London Stock Exchange is leading a $15M funding round for crypto automation platform Nivaura. Link
  • A rehab center has just launched for overly-addicted crypto traders. Link
  • Use this simple calculator to find out how much tax you owe on your crypto this year. Link
  • Bittrex is investing $1.5M in South Africa-based crypto exchange VALR. Link
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