Crypto Weekly 5th October 2018 Market News


The fourth-largest asset manager in the world with over $2 trillion in assets under management, Fidelity Investments, appears to be moving above and beyond its courting stage with cryptocurrency after revealing its intention to offer crypto-related products by the end of the year.

Ripple’s new payment option is aiming to launch XRP to new highs
In the past week, the crypto markets have been abuzz over the forthcoming launch of xRapid, Ripple’s new payment protocol. News that the launch was imminent drove a nearly 50% increase in price of the token this week, and many analysts remain bullish on the cryptocurrency.Google has reversed its ban on crypto exchange advertising in the US and Japan
After enacting a sweeping ban on crypto ads, Google is backtracking slightly. In a welcome development, this week it announced that it would be reversing its ban on certain types of crypto-related ads in the US and Japan.Switzerland is driving crypto adoption like no other country – here’s how
This is a great documentary from CoinTelegraph on how Switzerland (and more specifically, the canton of Zug) is integrating crypto into everyday life – from paying annual taxes, to purchasing public transport.Bitmain’s IPO filing reveals a lot about Bitcoin’s wild ride
This week, Bitmain finally filed for its long-anticipated IPO. Its filing offers up a number of insights around the current state of the industry – including that the company ran a massive loss in the first half of this year, due to its large amount of crypto holdings.

a16z Crypto has purchased 6% of MKR, backing Stablecoin Vanguard MakerDAO
In another first for the crypto investment giant, a16z has just invested $15M in MakerDAO, the first true decentralized stablecoin. In addition to monetary investment, MakerDAO will also be receiving advisory support from a16z’s leadership team.

Here’s how one investor caught a 63% profit opportunity through crypto trading
This practical piece breaks down how to use TweetTraders to automatically identify compelling investment opportunities in tokens that have experienced a rapid decline in price, but still have upside.

Zcash could herald the rise of a new wave of privacy-focused tokens – here’s why
Zcash is one of the first truly privacy-focused tokens, and many believe that recent innovations on the platform could unleash another wave of innovation within the privacy token space. This piece is a great rundown on the token itself, explaining why it’s unique and how it provides value to privacy advocates.

Crypto pioneer David Chaum says he’s built a better Bitcoin
David Chaum built one of the first digital currencies more than a decade before Bitcoin’s release, and now he’s back with Elixxir – a new project which aims to be a faster, payments-focused version of Bitcoin.

Hackers have unleashed more than 2.5M new crypto-jacking scripts just in the last few months
A report from McAfee Labs has found that more than 2.5M new instances of crypto-jacking malware were found in the second quarter of this year, marking a massive spike in crypto-related hacking attempts since the start of the year.

It looks like Coinbase is preparing to add a lot of new cryptocurrencies to its platform
Right now, Coinbase only supports five cryptocurrencies. But that’s about to change, as CEO Brian Armstrong noted recently that the exchange plans to add hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

Multi-trillion-dollar investment giant Fidelity Investments hints at crypto products by end of year
The fourth-largest asset manager in the world with over $2 trillion in assets under management, Fidelity Investments, appears to be moving above and beyond its courting stage with cryptocurrency after revealing its intention to offer crypto-related products by the end of the year.


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